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Walmart SNES Classic Edition Modding How to Mod the SNES Mini with Hakchi2 and RetroArch

Description: The passage below mainly focuses on nes classic edition walmart, giving a full and detailed guidance on how to mod and hack the SNES Classic Edition which is also called the SNES MINI with Hakchi2 and Retro Arch.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at how to mod the SNES classic. Let’s get started. I could have posted this passage earlier, but I decided on doing it later, because I was waiting for a stable version of Hackchi for the SNES classic.

I don’t want to be one of the earliest adopters who will potentially face issues such as breaking your system. I’ll leave a link in the description on where to get Hackchi.

Hackchi is the program that you can use to install on your SNES mini in order to add additional games. At the time of this article, it is version 2.30. There are different versions you can click to download.

I recommend the first one here. It’s Hackchi 2.30 zip out of whopping fifteen point four megabytes. It’s not big at all. Once you’ve downloaded Hackchi, feel free to extract it.

First time users may run into this installation window. It says net framework 3.5 requires net 2.0 and 3.0. If you don’t have this, you may need to install it. You might be able to get away with it, but for safety’s sake, feel free to install it.

Once Hackchi is up and running, you have options on the screen. It says before we start, please select your console. You can change it later using the settings menu if you want to use another console. There’s the SNES and Super Famicom. For purposes of this passage, I have the SNES, the USA or Europe version.

Next you’re greeted with a nice little message. Hello, I’m very glad you are using Hackchi2. It’s simple to use. Click add more games and select some ROMs. Press synchronize and follow the instructions. Good luck. Dump your kernel and head over into the kernel menu. Then click dump kernel. It says if you want to dump the kernel. Select yes. This screen will appear.

The following steps are to make sure the power button on your NES and SNES mini is switched off. Reconnect your NES and SNES mini to the PC via USB cable three. Hold the reset button and turn on the power switch. After a few seconds, release the reset button and the power LED should not be on. Install driver if it has not been installed yet.

The next part is that I will click install driver. Here is the screen that it brings up. I’m going to press enter. Now it says dumping colonel. It’s taking the colonel off my SNES classic. In case something is to go wrong, I will restore it. I don’t have to worry about it. There’s also a handy little message. Your original colonel is saved in the Hackchi2. Slash dump folder. Do not lose it. This is optional but highly recommended.

This is retroarch for the SNES classic. You can get away with installing Hackchi2 and leave it at that. However, I would highly recommend installing retroarch as well due to the fact that some of the SNES games do not run well on the SNES classic. Therefore you can use the retroarch emulator and they’ll run better. There’s the added benefit of playing additional games on the SNES classic.

That isn’t made for the SNES. For example, you can play Sega Genesis and you can also play Game Boy Advance. There are a slew of other games that can be downloaded to etroarch. There are a few files available. I will leave a link in the description below. The file you want is retroarch with cores. It is thirteen point three megabytes.

Once retroarch is downloaded, feel free to drag and drop it into the open instance of Hackchi2. A window will pop up and there are pre-selected emulators and files that you can install. For advanced users, feel free to configure this to your heart’s content. If you are a novice user, I recommend leaving the check marks. Here are the steps.

Make sure the power button on your NES and SNES Mini is switched off. Reconnect your SNES SNES mini to the PC via USB cable. Hold the reset button and turn on the power switch. After a few seconds, release the reset button and the power LED should not be on. Lastly, install driver if it has not been installed yet. If you’ve not installed the driver, click on install driver.

After you’ve done those four steps, This is the part where I recommend. Not touching anything. Let the program do its work. It takes some time. Be patient. I don’t recommend multitasking on your computer. If this does freeze by any chance, you may break your system. When this finishes, you’ll be greeted with a nice done screen. Click OK and now you can add your games.

I can add non-SNES games. I’m going to add three games. I will acknowledge that these are not blockbuster games, but I’ve got a retro pie for them, so these are a few extra multiplayer games that I wish were on the SNES classic clue. Monopoly are fun and risk is a Genesis game. It’s a simple drag-and-drop on to Hackchi. If you notice, there is no box art for these games. There’s an easy way to do that.

Highlight the games, right-click and select download box art for the selected games. If this does not return the box art you’re looking for, you can manually change it as well. I’m happy with that box art and risk. If I wanted to change it, I could click Google. It’ll bring up different artwork that I can choose.

That suit this game better than the one. It pre-selected alternatively. You can click browse and upload a custom image in this menu. You can also change the name of the game if you want to. If it doesn’t come up, you can change it and edit it.

It shows max players. It doesn’t matter in this area. I tried it with one player and it still allows you to use two players. It’s for the informational purposes when it appears on the screen.

If you are having trouble running a SNES game that you placed on the SNES classic, this is where the retroarch bit comes in. All you have to do is to go over to the game you’re having trouble with. Go to the command line. At the end of the command line, press space and type in retro arch. This forces the SNES classic to use the retro arch emulator and hopefully get your game running.

Next is to synchronize these games with the SNES mini. All you have to do is to click this button. Selected games with NES and SNES mini. It’ll synchronize. You’re good to go now. It may ask you to flash a custom kernel at this point. It’s an automatic process. Don’t worry. Select yes. Let it do its thing.

You can disconnect your SNES classic. Hook it up to your TV and you’re off to the races. You can add more games and you can take away games later. It’s up to you. I highly recommend using retropie instead on a Raspberry Pi. I would say it complements it to an extent. This is not as powerful as the Raspberry Pi. It’s more of a novelty thing.

If you’re looking for more advanced emulation, pick up a retro PI. That’s all I’ve got for today. If you like the passage, leave a like and hit that subscribe button as always. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, I’ll do my best to answer them. Thank you everyone. Take care.

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