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Super Nintendo Classic Edition in Stock at Walmart

Description: The article below has the main topic which is about nintendo classic walmart. It is reported that super Nintendo classic edition will be in stock at Walmart. The author surprisingly finds that one popular super Nintendo classic edition has been left in Walmart, so he will share with us about the details.

This is a bit flashback and you may guess what the Super Nintendo is. It is in stock at my local Walmart, but probably not for very long, so ever since launch day, I’ve been constantly checking for stock in my local stores and this is the first time I’ve seen one in the store for sale.

So if you’re still trying to get a Super Nintendo for yourself, you had better check out your local Walmart or go online and see if they have any there, unfortunately, for a lot of buyers out there, the scalpers have bought mostly inventory of these super Nintendos and they’re selling them for way too much on eBay and Amazon.

It’s ridiculous, but you may guess that I bought two and I’m willing to sell them at retail price to anyone who wants them, but you got to promise me, you don’t already have a Super Nintendo and that you’re not going to buy it for intentions to resell it and make money.

So like I said, I bought these today, it’s 11 1717 and here’s a look at one of the boxes, one of the boxes has a little bit of damage in the corner here, there was a slight tear in the upper right corner, but other than that, everything’s in good shape.

It’s fine, but the box has some slight damage and I didn’t even notice that till I get home, the other box looks great, there’s nothing wrong with that one at all, so with text I paid 83 dollars for each console, so that’s what I’ll sell it for plus shipping.

So all the scalping on eBay and Amazon, what has been going on is a bunch of crap and I’m not for it, so I’m trying to do something positive here, some people have these at retail price and not rip someone off, so whoever out there is interested in purchasing one of these at retail plus the shipping costs, let me know and leave a comment and make me believe that you don’t already have one of these consoles.

You’re not a scalper and I’ll get you a shipping quote and let you know the exact price and like I said, I’m not here to make money, I’m trying to help someone out and I only have two of these consoles, so these are probably going to go fast, everyone, thanks for your time.

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