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Lily Gets A Nintendo Switch Walmart Unboxing

Description: The material below wants to show us the popular thing with the key words of nintendo switch walmart. The content tells us that a father leads his daughter Lily to the supermarket and buys her a Nintendo Switch, after they go home, the girl does the unboxing and tries to play with it under the instructions of her father.

Today Lily and I are going to pick up the Nintendo switch and I felt like recording it, so maybe one day she could look back and see when we did pick it up and be excited for it all over again.

I don’t know, are you excited for the Nintendo switch Lily? Yes, it is awesome, we’re going to pick up Super Mario Odyssey, it’s going to be great, she’s going to love it, so we’re now at Best Buy, you can see the ignition thing.

We’re going to see if they have the Super Mario see demo kiosk up and we’re going to try and play that if they do, if not, then I guess we’re going to go home with the swish which is so cute.

I’m glad, there’s no one else here and get in the way of the shot, they talk to Dr. Skeledon, she’s having fun running around, that’s good, are you having fun? That’s good.

So we’re back at home and we have the Nintendo set the switch that it’s a Nintendo sit, the Nintendo switch, Lily, come here, go ahead and open it, take it out, take it out of the bag, we did place some of the Super Mario Odyssey demo.

We thought we probably played it for a little bit longer than we should have somebody needed to go to school, but we played the demo day before Super Mario came out and there’s an antenna switch, you’re excited, come over here, come here, look at all our toys.

She has another one, open the switch, she doesn’t know how to open it up, let’s take a look here, they are supposed to open it, that’s not the bottom, there are things at the bottom and for the Nintendo switch.

What we are going to attempt to do is to play the hidden NES golf game as a tribute to Satoru Iwata, it’s a switch, it’s blue and red, we got the neon one, because you know it is a boring drab gray JIT joy Kahn’s J cons, this has TVs to switch where we got here, that’s the joy con grip, we got the HDMI cable, hit me.

Then we got the power adapter, it’s awesome, apparently, I got a toy con strap thing, it should be another one here, there’s no manual, what’s this? It’s the dock, this is what the switch gets, put it down, do you want to play? Be careful, you don’t want to drop, it’s tight, it is the remote which makes me feel a little worried.

Because you did rough up the box a little bit, it is tiny, we’re probably to get up, calm down, we’re probably going to get one of those Horia screen protectors, how do we turn this on Nintendo in gaining those feet?

Let’s put the toy cons on there, I got to show you how to put the joy columns on there, take those out of the back, take them out, you don’t need to bite it, you don’t even bite it, who taught you that you slides out and then there’s a little stand back here.

You should not touch it, be careful, it’s expensive, how do you do the stand? You shouldn’t look at her, try and do this, you look at the video, you slide it on like this, like this sweetie, it’s the wrong side.

I think you can get it, grab this one, the blue one, the blue one goes on the left side and this one on this side, what I head down, I wish you can do the stand, so this one goes on the left, you do this or not, I push it down the red one to put the red one down, upside down, turn around like this, put it down with that from the top, you hold the phone, don’t press any button.

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