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Nintendo Switch Walmart Pre-orders Switch To Outsell Xbox One Switch UI And Indie Games

Description: The following article refers to the popular topic which centers on the key words of nintendo switch walmar. What the author wants to mention is that Nintendo Switch Walmart pre-orders will switch to outsell the Xbox one.

It is Marlon here from games and Wario’s channel now has a quick news video for you, today this is regarding the Nintendo switch baby Seoul Walmart still have pre-orders available for Nintendo switch, so if you haven’t pre-ordered a Nintendo switch or it was sold out before you could get to it.

Walmart is still hosting pre-orders for the Nintendo switch now in store, so this is apparently an in-store pre-order for the console and I believe it should still be $50 here.

Here’s a picture of it now from a reddit user, showing here saying the Nintendo switch pre-order extended to Monday and this was sent to store management and department manager entertainment support manager as well.

This is from store operations, so this piece of paper looks legit, it says great news, you have more time to sell Nintendo switch pre-orders, thanks to your amazing sales over the week, we extended the pre-order throughout the weekend.

So this is amazing stuff, so we have until Monday for people who haven’t pre-ordered Nintendo switch, trust me, the Nintendo switch will revolutionize gaming forever, so we want to talk about the sales of the Nintendo switch and how well it’s going to do.

Nintendo basically put out 2 million units out there, because they’re waiting for a minute, we don’t know if the Nintendo switch is going to sell that, so we’re going to put out 2 million, this is what happened with Wii U, this is what happened with that.

Nintendo put out amiibo stuff, it is sold out before it even comes out, so we were not going to do that, this is nothing new to us, we were accustomed to this, but what I want to say is that the switch will outsell the Xbox one, because the Xbox one according to VG charts.

This is from November 26 2016, the Xbox one is sitting at a whopping 25 million and I think I read somewhere where it’s sold maybe third million now, but I do believe that the Nintendo switch will outsell the Xbox one by a longshot, because there’s an article stating that by 2020, the switch is expected to sell 40 million units worldwide, which I feel like that’s reachable considering that the Nintendo switch is different for people that are non gamers like people that Nintendo was able to reach with.

We remember with the Wii, a lot of non-gamers got up off the couch and start moving with the motion controls, this is the same thing with the Nintendo switch and I feel like they’re going to tap into that non gamer market again.

It’s going to shoot the sales through the roof again, I don’t believe it’s going to catch up to the Wii, but eventually, long-term wise, I do believe it’s going to catch up to that 100 million mark.

This is my opinion, but judging from what we have seen so far with the mobile aspect of the switch, because it’s a hybrid console, it’s a mixture of a home console and a mobile console on the go, that’s so amazing to think that you can take the switch at work, you can take a break, you can take it to school.

If you’re allowed to take your switch to school, this is going to sell hotcakes on a sunny day, so I do believe that the switch will outsell the Xbox one by a very large margin.

There are indeed developers posting information about games, that’s coming to the Nintendo switch like The Binding of Isaac after birth is coming to the Nintendo switch at launch, I believe alongside with Zelda.

So this is going to be amazing and I guess Isaac after birth is going to be selling for $39.99, they also tweeted out a picture, so this is one on one spikes, I think a user by the name of Nick McHale is Inc or something like that.

Hopefully, I’m saying their name correctly, they tweeted out some indie games there on the switch, you want the UI which is the operating system which it looks incredible, I love the layout which looks real simple, you have the power icon, you have the gear icon which is for setting.

You got the joy Khan and I believe that’s like something to do with a picture there as well as the eShop and some other rented things, some other messaging things, but it looks clean, it looks simple, it’s simple, you scroll across and everything is there in your face.

So you know in the indie, developers are jumping on the switch platform regi already confirmed that there’s going to be a host of third party and first party title like never before, so I’m excited for the Nintendo switch.

I wish that they could have done a lot better with their presentation, nevertheless, the Nintendo switch is going to sell theirs, I know on March 3rd, it’s going to be in everybody’s house, if they can get it, I know Nintendo will be sending me games.

But it is the first game that they showed, the first thing that they showed us was 1001 spikes and a cave story game that comes into the switch, but I can not wait and the theme of it was like black background.

As you all can see the different profiles, I believe the switch can support up to 8 different profiles or whatever, so this is going to be amazing for people out there who want to create multiple profiles, because it’s going to be region-free amazing stuff can’t wait for the switch leaving the comments down below.

Let me know what you think about today’s news video, this was amazing stuff here to find out about the switch smash this video 50 likes, if you enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next video, thank you all so much for over 13,000 subscribers, we’re rocking on strong love from the bottom of my heart.

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