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Description: The nuridium medicare  offers DME suppliers the option to inquire on the status of additional documentation request.

The nuridium medicare portal offers DME suppliers the option to inquire on the status of additional documentation request.

You can upload response documents and see if a response to an ADR was received, if it was submitted through the portal, select claim status from the main menu of the portal, from the claim status landing page there are two options in small tabs beneath the top navigation menu by default.

You’ll land on the claim status inquiry tab, DME suppliers can select the additional documentation request tab on the ADR inquiry page, select the 10 NPI and p10, next there are two options, selecting request sent will display a current listing of claim that nuridium has selected and requested documentation on selecting response received or processing allows suppliers to view a listing of claims that have already been responded to and are still processing at Meridian.

If processing is complete, the claim is only located under the claim status option, the portal will display the most recent 100 requests for either option due to limitations. Letters may only be viewed 45 days prior to the current date, older ADR letters for finalized claims are not available within the portal.

When the first option request sent is selected the results display the claim number, the letter is regarding beneficiary Medicare number, first and last name, the date of service date. The letter was sent and the date, the supporting documentation is due tour office by suppliers.

You may also select the view request link to view a copy of the letter, to respond and add supporting documentation regarding a request, select to add a document button and to a name for the document and browse your computer to locate it, next select the upload button, the portal will accept multiple file types as long as individual files are 10 megabytes or less.

After the document has been added, it will display under the documentation attached to this claim section. At that moment the document has been received by nuridium and is placed directly in the work location for processing by Medical Review. Continue this process until all documentation has been attached.

Suppliers are encouraged to review the ADR letter mailed by no ideon to ensure, they have each requested document available to prevent a claim denial, if the response received or processing option is selected on the ADR inquiry page, a list of claims with a beneficiary Medicare number displays.

Select the claim number to view copies of the documentation previously submitted through the portal postal, mail, fax or esmd, a list of documents displays with the nuridium assigned ID, number the name of the document and the date were submitted.

To view the document, select the ID number, the players may also view a specific claim to upload necessary documentation, when a request is pending to do this, inquire on the claim status option. Another tutorial is available for full instructions on the claim status inquiry, once the claim is found, the ADR request letter is an option to upload, supporting documentation is available under the reason code, narrative decisions for claims are noted on the remittance advice as payable or denied the unique detailed comments from meridian medical review.

Examiners are available through claim status on the portal, if a claim was reviewed, a link titled meridian comment will be displayed in the header of the claim, selecting that option will retrieve and display the detailed notes, suppliers are able to work with our contact center medical review team or with our education team members to discuss opportunities for improved billing practices and how to avoid denials and appeals.

Thank you for completing this tutorial, we hope you find this information helpful.

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