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Noridian Medicare Portal Appeal Status Com

Description: This is the Appeal Status tutorial which talks about some newly updated information on Noridian Medicare Portal and how does it work.

Welcome to the Appeal status tutorial, the most current information contained in this presentation can be found on the nuridium website.

Appeal status has offered to Part A, Part B and DME portal users and it provides information on written reopening and redetermination whether it was submitted through mail, FAQ or the portal Part B and DME providers.

May be the status of an adjustment made through telephone reopening under the claim status option after logging in select appeals from the top navigation or select start inquiry under appeal appeal status.

However, if a provider would like to begin the appeals process on a finalized claim, that option is available on the second tab titled begin new appeals. The first step to obtain status of appeals is to select the 10 NPI and p10, next providers have two options, view a list of the most 100 recently submitted appeals or narrow results by entering a beneficiary Medicare number.

Select a status of either pending finalized or additional documentation requested or enter a confirmation number if the appeal was submitted through the portal. If option 1 is selected the provider or supplier name and pip2 in tin are displayed at the top, below that the confirmation. Number of the appeal claims number beneficiary Medicare number status and date the appeal was submitted is listed.

To view details, select the view appeal link, an overview of the appeal is provided at the top which includes the beneficiary Medicare number status confirmation number and provider information, below that documents attached to this appeal are listed.

To view a document, select the view document link, documentation may be attached to the appeal at any time, if option two is selected and either the beneficiary Medicare number status of Appeals or confirmation number was entered, similar information to option 1 is displayed at the top of the page the criteria, used for the search is listed and below that a table is provided with all of the appeals.

Matching the search criteria again to view the documents attached to a request, select the view appeal button.

Thank you for taking the time to review.

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