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Paw Patrol Snowboard Action Pack Pups in Hero Pup Series at Walmart

Description: The article covers the main topic about paw patrol toys Walmart. It is related to paw patrol snowboard action pack pups in new hero pup series. We can get some instructions of how to install different parts onto the snowboard for Marshall, chase, rebel, Everest, rocky and sky.

This is Wengie here and recently I made something of these awesomely cool pub food paw patrol pups from the new hero pup series and now guess what they have, they have these possibly cool snowboard, paw patrol pups aren’t awesome, they each come with their own snowboard and they are part of the new hero pup series.

So let’s open this up, here is every steel snowboard, then here is Everest, her head turns left and right like all the other versions of her, when you press her badge, her little grappling hook comes out, so she is the seen kneeling edition which is a snowboard for Everest and she fits cool.

Let’s take a look at rubble, rubble comes with a yellow snowboard and you can see that it has his tools as designed on part of a snowboard for awesome man rubble features an adorable helmet.

But the rest of him is the same, he has the same little scooper when you press the badge and it comes out, let me show that one more time, so when you press the badge, his little scooper comes out for scooping, he is adorable with his helmet.

So let’s put him on his little snowboard. I like that the clip right in and next we have Skye snowboard fell out, she has awesomely cool little clouds as designs on her snowboard and the same thing goes for Skye.

When you press her badge, her little wings would come out and she also has an adorable helmet on and then let’s clip her into her little snowboard, hold on one second, I wanted to see if her original form will fit on the snowboard, so the legs are slightly different to allow them to clip in better, because when I put this nut bar version of sky on the snowboard, can you see that or hear that?

She clicks in like that, but when you try the same thing with her original form or original figure, she doesn’t click in, so there’s something different about these feet even though they may look identical.

They’re probably not in some way, can you tell the differences? Let’s check out Rocky next, he comes with a green snowboard and it has recycling marks all over it, rocky comes with a matching green helmet.

When you press his badge, his tools come out as well and then clip them in, so Rocky is a little bit more difficult to put onto his snowboard, then the other pups, because you can’t push him down.

Here is slightly placed a little bit too wide, so it takes a little bit more maneuvering, so you have to push it in, but at least once again in, he will stay and he’s very easy to take off, it takes an extra little push.

When you are putting him in and here is chase with his blue snowboard, his snowboard has stars all over it and chase is in a completely different position than his normal self, this is how he looks, normally his legs are straight up and down, but in this low board version, his front legs are down, so he’s very different.

When you press his badge, his megaphone as well as flashlight, come straight out, so this part is the scene, but he’s got an awesomely cool helmet, so let’s see him on here, you put the front paws in and then push down.

Finally, we have Marshall and I wanted to point out that of all the seven pups, the only one that doesn’t come in a snowboard version is zoom out, so you can see here, we have Marshall, chase, rebel, Everest, rocky and sky, but no zoom.

So here is Marshall’s snowboard and he’s got fire hydrants all over his snowboard, he’s got a cool looking helmet that seems that it’s got flames coming out of it or like he’s running through flames which is awesome.

When you press his badge, his hose comes up, I don’t have any snow, but I do have some kinetic sand, so I meet as a sand mountain here, let’s see rubble, go down to Sand Mountain ready to set.

It wasn’t such a smooth landing for Marshall, but I think he’s fine, how about sky? It is cool, she made a smooth landing, come on, chase, look at chase, it doesn’t want to go down.

Let’s try this again, come on, we go much smoother this time, how about rocky? He did it. It is awesome job and finally we have Everest. She did well.

Let me know in the comment section which one of these awesome snowboard pups is your favourite. I think my favourite is Marshall, because I think he has an awesomely cool helmet, so see you in the comments section, thank you for twitching channel, be sure to give this video a big thumbs up and then don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned to see a lot more super smiley awesome toys and surprises here with toy genie, thanks for commenting.

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