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An Introduction to Compass Health Provider Portal Net

Description:  The article shows us a demonstration of the improved compass health provider portal, containing several points about how to login with an overview of the provider portal features.

Welcome to a demonstration of the new and improved come to self provider portal. Today we’re going to start with how to login following by an overview of the provider portal features, if you’ve got me to get your practice, the practice development team will have installed the minty order log on feature, which means that you’ll see provider portal in your utilities menu.

Alternatively, you can never get to provide a portal in a browser and enter your username and password to login. If you forget your password at any time, you can use the forgotten password link to reset it.

Once you’ve logged in the provider portal, home page displays here, we have indicated graphs showing at a glance how you perform in the IPF measures, the green, yellow or red depending on your performance.

And when you hover your mouse over the dot at the end of the line, when the data was gathered and how far away you are from the target, you can also click on different population sets to see how you’re performing in high needs. Maury and Pacific take it all the reports offered on the report server, click on report server in the clinical menu, you can see the same list of reports as well as offered on the old provider portal.

The report server dashboard has been replaced with the quality indicator of court, you can use a quick summary of how you practice is performing back on the homepage. The featured news lists the top three news items selected by the practice development team as being of key importance to you to see all news clip on use and the top menu.

You can see a full list of all news items ordered by date, if you click on the news item, you can see the full detail as for documents that previously in the download section of protocol, who they’ve been restructured to try and put them in a location more aligned with their content. Program and service guidelines are located under our pho meet tech advanced forms and outbox documents now have their own section.

Now if it is at any point, you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can search covers all of the news items, documents and pages. So if I search for something, I can see all the related documents and news articles containing that word will navigate back to the homepage now,

And here is a link to CPD. Once you click on that, it will automatically log you in and you can book your sessions as normal, there’s also a link to CPD under the AL pho menu. If you want to check the status of a claim, you’ve submitted to compass health.

Once we’ve processed it, you can use claim search, you can search for a service or the status or you can search for nothing and click search to return all your claims.

We’ve also got a few options under the user menu on the top right here, use my practice to see staff information edit staff information in update practice information, all users will be able to access their profile, which means they can edit their own details at any time. You can also use this menu to change your password, finally down to the bottom of the page.

There is a feedback option if you click that, you can enter any feedback you like, and it will be submitted to our practice department team. Please feel free to submit any ideas or comments this way. I hope you enjoy the new provider portal.

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