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Provider Enter Porital Tutorial For Administrators Net

Description: The article shows us provider entry portal tutorial which will be designed as a supplement to the written users guide for prep administrators that are about how to add the pep service to their secure account.

Welcome to the provider entry portal tutorial for prep administrators, this is designed as a supplement to the written users guide. We will show prep administrators how to add the pep service to their secure, access Washington saw account and assign a proxy to enroll agencies into the American indian/alaska native fee-for-service program.

Before we begin, let’s quickly go over your system requirements, this application is supported by Internet Explorer 9 and above and chrome versions 56 and above. It may work with other browsers, but these are the tested and accepted ones, you must have an account with secure access Washington in order to use the provider entry portal.

If you need to set up one to go to secure access log of and select create one to get started log in to your saw account, click on add new service from the list on the right. Select department of Social and Health Services, scroll down and find provider entry portal and click apply, you will see a screen that says Service registration successful on the top left.

Click on my services, find provider entry portal and click on it, you will be given three choices of authentication for security purposes. You can choose to get an email with a code a phone call, with the code or answer the challenge questions you set up in your saw account. Select out-of-band email and click the continue button, if you have an optional email entered, you will need to select the one that you will have access to on the computer you are working on.

Click the continue button go to your email and retrieve the confirmation code that was sent to you, enter that confirmation code in the confirmation code box. And click the continue button, next click the continue button on the authentication, complete page the registration to the provider entry form will be partially populated with your information.

You need to add your phone number, next check each of the three boxes, saying that you agree to the terms and click the register button. Now you can assign a proxy, generally the administrator assigns someone else as a proxy, but they can assign themselves as the proxy. However, there can only be one proxy.

First, we will show you how to delegate the role of the proxy, fill out the proxy information form. Click on the create button, you will see this screen and the person you assigned, it’s the proxy will
receive an email with instructions within the next five days.

If you are delegating the proxy, you’re done, if the administrator chooses not to delegate, the role of proxy the process is similar to enter your information in the proxy information form. When you click on the create button, you will not have to wait five days for the email instructions, click on that, you can perform agency registration by clicking here text and you are ready to start as a proxy select the agency or agencies you want to enroll. Scroll down and click on the green box with the plus sign to add staff fill in the information in the add new staff form. Note if you need to close the add staff window without saving, click on the square in the upper right hand corner.

Once the form is fully populated, click on save. Once you have added all the new staff you want, scroll down to the staff information section for each new staff member, use the pull down to select the agency or agencies you want assigned to them. After assigning, the agencies use the pull down to select a role primary backup or data entry for each staff member.

If you need to edit a staff entry, click on the orange box with the pencil and paper icon, make your changes, click on save. If you need to delete a staff member, click on the red box with the trashcan icon. When you’re all done making entries, you must click on the submit button.

If you need additional help after viewing this tutorial and referring to the written user’s guide, you can email us at ffs questions at DSHS.

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