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Service Booking and Payment Requests Explained NDIS Provider Portal Tutorial

Description: The article is designed to talk about the point of provider portal. It will be a NDIS provider portal tutorial explaining service booking and payment requests, the author will talk about how you can create second and third service bookings on the same individual participant.

Today’s content has been created for the YouTube channel and the RS provider portal, this will give some definitions of what a service buccaneers and a payment request and also show how they tie in with a participants plan.

I’ll also talk about how you can create second and third service bookings on the same individual participant if they request additional services to start off with the definition of your service booking. All service bookings are individual requests for a product or service is required to post payments in my place portal. So in order to be paid for services that you provide to an NDIS participant, you do need to make a service booking.

The second step is to make a payment request, a payment request can only be done after service booking has been made, so you make a service booking for $5,000, we expect you to provide up to $5,000 worth of service, if you provide $4,000 worth of service or an amount that, it’s less than 5,000, you are disadvantaging the participant.

If you provide more services beyond that $5,000 limit of the booking, you’re at risk of not being paid, thus you can create a second or third booking if needed, here is a demonstration of how the system works, so the participant has a plan that goes for 12 months. The providers have made a 12-month service booking and then you can pay yourself after services have been provided.

The second scenario is the same, participant had their plan reviewed at the beginning of math, you’re not made to be aware of this, when you try and make a payment request that is not successful, this is not successful, you do not have a service booking in place for May, so in order to get around that error, we do need to make a service booking which is service booking B.

The third scenario is that you’ve been providing services to a participant since January and you did not know they had an NDIS plan in May that a plan is reviewed and you are notified, you made a service booking and then you can be paid for the services for May onwards.

If you were unaware that they had a previous plan, you can make a service booking on their old plan if it needs to be, please be aware that you can only claim for services on their current plan, if you’re providing services within that date range.

So in this example here, if you provided services in January and Feb 2 or plan ad, you cannot claim for services provided before May, on Plan B and vice versa, so this here shows how you can create a second service booking if they request additional services.

So on the left-hand side, here we’ve got three different service bookings, a B and C and they’ve all been categorized to daily activities, the top one here, we have select it, we have not selected an item number, so this service booking will allow the provider to charge for any non state and daily activities support items.

After a month, the participant requests additional services which is short term accommodation, there’s not enough money in the original service booking for you to provide that support, so what you can do is that you can create a second service booking.

But this time, you do need to select short-term accommodation or an item number, the same we see, so the item numbers cannot overlap with the same overlapping dates, so we’ve got the same scenario here, but this time, we’ve selected short-term accommodation for service bookings see that is not possible, because all service bookings scene will not be successful, because service booking P B has already been approved.

Now talk about the dates of a service booking, so service booking dates do not have to go for 12 months, they can go through a period, so one day, one week, one month or a time period of your choosing, so here we’ve got a service booking for providing therapy services for the first three months of the participants plan.

After that, they request additional services for four months, you can create a second service booking, the same details, but with different dates and they will be successful, as you can see, this is for CB daily activities and we have not selected an item number for any of them.

The portal will not allow you to create this third service booking, as it overlaps in dates with the second one, so in order to change to get around this error message, you need to put the service booking at the beginning of August, this is a screenshot of the participant portal, so participants who have an agency managed plan can increase and decrease service bookings in their participant portal.

If they do that, you will need to approve it in your portal, if a participant wants extra services, this is for consumables or therapy it regardless of what support budget it is, you can ask them to log into their portal and increase it to an amount or decrease it to an amount of an agreed price, thank you for your time, for more information, please look at the other materials on this YouTube channel, thank you.

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