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How to install Showbox 5.03 How to Activate Amazon Fire Com on Showtime Anytime

Description: The passage below completely focuses on showtimeanytime com activate amazon fire. It is an useful guidance. In this guidance, the author shows you how to update it or install it on your device.

There’s an update for show box TV and here’s a quick tutorial of how to update it or install it on your device. Come to settings. Go ahead and scroll down to your app section. Scroll over until you see show box. Select it. This is the show Box app.

On the left side, it says show box. You’ll see the version. It’s a version 4.94. It’s going to be 4.96 after this passage. Uninstall it and select okay. Back up until you get to the home screen or push the home screen button on your remote.

Open up your browser then come to your search bar. Type in cable kill which is where we will download the show box. Select cable kill or you can shortcut and hit the app section. Go to the app section here then come to movies and TV shows since show box is a movie and TV show on-demand app. Scroll down till you see show box.

At the time of this passage, it’s the second one. You can see which version it is and what day it was updated. In order to download it, click on the older boxes. This is the green button that you need to select to download it but on the older boxes, it’s not going to ask you to download it.

This one will here on the elder box. Once you select that green button, it will be on the top left corner. On these newer boxes, you have to be sure and select download here. You can see in the top left that it’s downloaded. That’s what it will do on the outer boxes.

You can see the download progress. Once it’s downloaded, you can go ahead and hit install. If you have an older box, this wouldn’t pop up. I’m going to back out to the home screen to show you what you would do if you have an older box.

Open up my apps. Come over to file manager. Scroll down to download. Select the Showbox file you downloaded and that will take you back to the install screen. Select the install button. You can see it’s installing. If this happens to pop up, go ahead and click accept. It asks if you want Google to regularly check your box or apps for any bugs or defects.

It’s going to take a second to install the app. Now you can see the apps installed. Select open now. Here is the new updated version of Showbox. It looks very similar to other versions. This one got updated links at the top left corner to switch it from movies or TV shows.

I’m going to show you TV shows. Since you have to select a season 2, you need to have a better idea. You can change how it’s sorted by here or you can change the genre here. You can scroll down and see the different selections.

I want to choose Rick and Morty to show you. Scroll down to view the episodes. You’ll see the episode list. You can change the seasons here at the right side. I’m going to show you season 3. I’m going to show you the last one. Choose the standard definition. I always go with 720p.

It doesn’t show you a linked list. It plays directly from their site that could be a good or bad thing with the ones that give you a linked list. If there’s a bad link, you can always use another link on show box.

If there’s a bad link you may be screwed. It could be a good or bad thing. This one is friendly. You need to double check since you have the installed updated version come back to settings. Go to apps.

Scroll back over until you see the show box out again. Make sure you have version 4.96. We started up a 4.94 now. You have the updated version. Thanks again. We’ll send you more passages. Have a good day.

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