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A Tutorial of Showtime Anytime at Showtimeanytime Com Activate. Com

I’m going to make a video tutorial about how to use Showtime. So what you have to do is that you have to remember your login for whichever cable provider you use to give you your Showtime subscription that you have at your home. So what you need to do is that you go to login, and then you select your cable provider, let the one that you have at your home, not at your business or whatever.

There’s a little bit blurry, but I’m using my phone to take this video against the computer. Now what happens is that it’ll take you to your login screen, I already have my stuff in there hit sign in, then the page will load once again.

What would you do after that since I’m up, since I’m logged in, you can go tour, it says live TV and since there’s a deluge, we add Olay on the west coast for Showtime. I always watch my live boxing on Showtime East, and so this is the Showtime East Channel.

I’m going to hit watch now, it gives me a video of whatever is on and here’s what happens, like welterweight title plus the latest installment of all-access epilogue Canelo vs. Angulo Garcia vs. Herrera and all-access epilogue Saturday, starting at 9:00 Eastern 6:00 Pacific, only on Showtime.

So this is what currently lives on Showtime on your TV right hand, this is what I’m watching and as you can see, this works well. But when it’s not from my phones, the quality is great. I hope this works, and I hope you remember all your logins, because this thing is pretty amazing.

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