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Review of Simply Fit Board from Walmart 2 Weeks of Use

Description: This passage is mainly about simply fit board walmar. This passage is a quick review on the simply fit Board with a twist, it is a new workout board for toning your waist and core and legs, this board can also be used for your arms.

Thank you for tuning into Her Hippie TV, I’m glad that you are back, my Monday goes well, I am in a very good mood, today I’m trying to make that a habit being in a good mood, but I am in a good mood from when I wake up until now I’m still in a good mood, because I get a lot of rest yesterday.

So I get a lot of rest yesterday which is why I’m probably so happy today, so I get off work, I’m about to go work out, as you can tell, I’m out of breath from running back and forth, but I want to do a quick post for you, I’m a gadget girl, you can probably sell me anything that has to do with working out.

I already have a personal aerobics trampoline that my daughter now uses, so my new toy is this here, so it looks like a skateboard without any wheels, but it is called a simply fit board, so it’s probably been around for maybe two years, maybe a little bit more.

So I was browsing in Walmart the other day, and I happened to see it, and I first saw it on Shark Tank probably about a year ago, and I saw this thing which was so cool, but that was pretty much it, so I saw it in Walmart the other day, and this thing looked awesome, so I went back and I researched it, I did a lot of researches and did a lot of reading to see if people liked it, if it worked all that good stuff.

So I have got some mixed reviews, and they are enough for me to go ahead and buy it by myself, so it’s the simply fit board and it skews me, it’s used to tone your waist and your legs possibly your butt, but I don’t know, so it is what the UM infomercial says it is for.

So as you can see, it has a bend in it, so you put one foot here the other there, and then you do a swivel motion with your hips, I can say that I feel it in my core, whenever I do it, I’m used to working on my legs, but I also feel a slight tension on my legs.

So far I’ve been using it for about two weeks, and as I have said, I feel it working my waist, I feel it working in my legs, so I am going to continue to use it, I’ll let you know how it goes and if it truly works, as I have said, I have got a lot of mixed reviews of whether it works or not.

Now I’m not in the process of trying to lose any more weight, I have lost all the weight that I want to lose, now I’m trying to gain muscle and tone for this summer, so this is supposed to help you with that, so as I have said, I’ll come back and do another post, and I’ll let you know how that goes and whether it works or not.

So it is about thirty nine ninety at Walmart, it comes to be about forty dollars or forty one dollars, so it could be on the expensive side to some people, but to me it isn’t, so I go ahead and buy it, and as I have said, I’ve been using it since then.

I’ve been using it for two weeks, so I will come back and pop in another two weeks, I’ll do a monthly hopper review and see how that goes, I apologize for my lines because my window is open, so I have lines on me, but that’s fine, I get a natural Villa.

So the price isn’t that bad in my eyes, it works so far, I would say probably starting off doing about 15 to 20 minutes for your workout for a beginner is what I would recommend, and then if you can stay on it for 30 minutes, stay on it for 30 minutes, if not, you can use it as a warm up or whatever you’d like.

So as I have said, I want to come to you and show you my new gadget, I am going to insert a demo on how to use it, so you can see and you’ll understand how it works, and make sure you follow me on my social medias, teal wallflower is my name, snapchat is teal Wallflower, it is one word on Instagram, it’s teal underscore at Wallflower, so it’s a slight change.

Make sure that you follow me on my social media accounts, and please always comment and subscribe, let me know what you want to hear, let me know what you want to see, I have got some more stuff coming for you soon, and it’s always a pleasure self-love meditate, and have a joyful positive attitude that people will take you a long way.

Thank you happy Monday and I’ll see you, so here is my simply fit board, I usually add some weights as low, so I get a good workout for my back in my arms, so all you do is to hop on as I have said, put one foot on one side and one foot on the other, go ahead and start to move back and forth.

You can hold your weights up, or you can hold them down, it’s completely up to you, and I usually do that for about 15 to 20 minutes, I’m going to get my heart rate up, and in that way I’m able to tone my stomach and my legs.

If you want to put more impact on your legs, I suggest doing your twist a little bit of tension on the legs, so it’s a squat position, or you can do the standing up straight, so this is how it works, you can also use it for your arms.

So you can do a push-up position, and then use your arms to scoop swivel back and forth, you’ll get a good workout for your obliques as well as your arms and core, so that is how I use my simply fit board, thank you for tuning in again and I’ll see you.

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