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Activate Sprint Phones on Boost Mobile Updated List Com

We’re going to have an updated list of sprint phones that you can activate on Boost Mobile. Let’s see what phones are eligible to be brought onto that to Boost Mobile from Sprint. You don’t have to like flash, and you just bring it over on Boost Mobile. Customer service will bring that over to us and make it eligible to be brought over to Boost Mobile and the phone will work perfectly.

Some features might not work on it, but the calling in works. On the Boost Mobile official site, it is full of frequently-asked questions about activating a Sprint phone. Which print phones can I use on Boost Mobile?

I show you the whole list how can activate an eligible sprint phone. You can activate an eligible Sprint phone. Buy it in a local Boost Mobile store, you can find a store near you by going to store locator on Boost Mobile.com. Basically, you just go into an authorized dealer, which can be any store like Walmart Target or best Bunn that can exist in Boost Mobile.

Customers change their phone to an eligible spread phone. Customers can change to an eligible sprint phone at a local small store. I have an eligible Sprint phone. Why is the dealer not activated? Only eligible sprint phones can activate on boost mobile device currently on-screen contract or has been late labeled as lost or stolen device.

It will not be eligible to be activated. Can I activate an eligible sprint phone? I will be charged at $10 for reactivation fee. If you are a newbie small customer, you are automatically charged a $10 reactivation fee when activating an eligible sprint phone on a new account. If you’re an existing user, you will not be charged, which and whose mobile phone will be available for activation eligible Sprint phones can be activated on any of our global Boost Mobile plans.

At this time, the list of eligible phones does not include BlackBerry devices. You can select from some of our current available add-ons international connect, international mini packs phone, insurance, and energy. VIP will not be available with the Sprint device.

You can select the International connect and International packs, but phone insurance and air G VIP are not eligible. Will all services and features work on eligible sprint phones? Voice-basic text and web will be available on eligible Sprint devices. Which is most important things?

It will be functioning due to the technical difficulties between Boost Mobile and Sprint MMS platform。 We cannot guarantee that MMS ok picture messages will be available on these phones. In addition, we do not guarantee that all Sprint specific or other pre-install cancer may be available function. To make a sprint TV NASCAR Sprint, anything like the Sprint apps might not work.

I haven’t had many issues with MMS. It’s possible that they might not work, but the ones that I’ve done everything with have worked. Can I access Boost Mobile? Sprint Android phones can access my account by visiting.

On the website can I purchase ringtones wallpapers and games on eligible sprint phones? No, these services are only real for purchases. Can I purchase insurance for eligible Sprint phones note. Do eligible sprint phones come with any type of warranty? No. Manufacturer offers warranty to new boost mobile phones.

Insurances only offer two new phones as well. A Sprint service center is able to support on eligible Sprint that falls on Boost Mobile. Sprint phones with a Boost Mobile account are not eligible for Sprint service center locations.

I have a lot of questions here, such as which Sprint phones can I use? Boost Mobile. Let’s start with the Apple, such as Apple iPhones, 5c, 5s, 6, 6plus, 6s, 6splus, and finally the iPhone 7, 7plus and iPhone s.

First, iPhone 7 were eligible. There are some kind of unknown phones such as HTC, Hero, LG x Powers Prequel 3, Tribute 5, and Tribute HD. Which are the ones that most people want? It’s usually Samsung S. It is Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3 and Galaxy s4. I believe I did see someone actually activate a note 4, but maybe it’s not officially supported. I believe you should be able to activate Samsung Galaxy s5, 6 and the 7.

For the 8, I’m pretty sure we should be able to activate it next year. But if you do have an iPhone, I mean a Samsung s5, 6 or 7 from Sprint, you can’t currently activate on Boost Mobile.

Overall, most people want to choose Samsung S and iPhone. I have seen people use the same SIM card that is already in your Sprint phone. You don’t have to purchase it on SIM card, but you can get one from either this mobile store, or they have them in stock.

If not, you can order them from this mobile customer service. They are free. Please comment rate and subscribe. Like I said, let me know if you have any questions, comment below. I will answer them as best as I can. Follow me on social media, I will probably respond on there a little quicker, since it’s my phone links below in description, comment and subscribe. Also, shirts are on sale now on description below. Check all that good stuff with some special features for you.

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