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How to Activate Moto X Pure on Sprint Com

Description: The following article mainly focuses on sprint com activate. The author introduces the way to activate your straight talk SIM and iPhone. This passage will save your time when you are trying to activate your new Moto X Pure.

Today we’re going to go ahead and look at how to activate your Moto X pure on Sprint. For those of you with AT&T, t-mobile or Verizon, you can simply swap out the SIM card and your data. Voice will work out of the box. For Sprint, it’s a little bit more complicated.

Let’s go ahead and do this. I’ve got my Verizon here. Bronson works out a box. Let me give you a quick speed test. The Moto X pure works flawless on AT&T, t-mobile and Verizon. I’ve got my Verizon SIM in here. 4G LT works. HSPA works. Flawless SMS works. Wi-Fi works. They are awesome for Verizon, because you don’t have to mess with lock bootloaders. Tether works out of the box.

You can install custom ROMs but I was trying to get Sprint work for the last five days. I went to a bunch of problems. First of all, I have a bunch of Sprint SIM cards that I thought I would pop them in. They would work, but that’s not the case with them. You need to buy a SIM card. That’s fully compatible with the Moto X pure and the Sprint devices.

If you don’t have the certain SIM card, you may be out of luck. I was doing a lot of search online. I found out that SIM cards from people with HTC One m9 can work on the Moto X pure, because the frequencies are compatible. The easiest way you can do this is to call Sprint and tell them I want a SIM card for the HTC One m9. They’ll send it to you for free.

If you don’t want to wait, you can go ahead and go to your local Best Buy. You can go ahead and pick up the SIM card with this part of number and tell them you want the SIM card for 46 C. They have a bunch of them. You can buy this for $9.99. All my receipt say HTC One m9 Moto X pure SIM card.

I went through the Sprint store. They didn’t have it. I had to go to Best Buy to get this, but by the time you read this passage, sprint stores might have it. The Sprint store told me that this phone is simply not compatible. After doing some online search, I was able to get this SIM card. I’ve not tried this because I wanted to make this passage.

Let’s go ahead and open the SIM card and we’re going to see if it works out of the box without doing anything. Let me go ahead and pop out my verizon SIM. This is my verizon SIM. I’m going to go ahead and grab my new SIM card. This should work out of the box, but I’m not sure if you need to go online and do additional settings.

We will find out exactly. Let me go ahead and reboot it. If it does work, that’s going to be cool. That’s going to be one of all carrier phones that you can buy. You don’t have to worry about lock bootloaders. You don’t have to worry about carriers. you should be able to use it everywhere. If you use the wrong SIM card, it’s simply not going to work.

I suggest that don’t try it configuring your device for voice and data. I don’t think it’s working. I’m going to go ahead and go online. You can call Sprint to set this up. We’re going to need the IMEI number. You can dial *#06# that will give you the meid number.

Make a note of this meid number. You’ll need it and also make note of the icc ID number on your SIM card. I’ve blocked it out, because I don’t want you to see it so that you can use these two numbers to activate my phone online.

We’re going to go ahead and go into my account. I have two numbers here. I’m going to activate a new phone. This will bring you to a new page where you’ll be able to activate your new phone. Select enter new device. This is where you’re going to enter your meid number you got from your phone. I’m going to go ahead and enter it.

I’m going to go ahead and hit check code. You’ll see that. It recognized my moto explore edition as 64 gigabytes which is cool. I’m going to go ahead and enter the ICC ID number from the card. I’ve entered the number and double check it. I’m going to hit check code and I think it worked. I’m going to hit continue. I need to chat the complete thing, so I’m going to go ahead and try to activate it.

I am chatting with Sprint. I hope this works, because I went through so many loopholes and people who work at the Sprint stores. They didn’t know what they were talking about. I found out you needed to correct SIM card, so I’ll have the correct SIM card. I’m sure it’s not working, so let’s wait for an answer.

I got Sprint on there. There is no data. Let’s give it a second. This will work. I am happy even though I’m not going to use Sprint on this phone. I want to make this tutorial. I know a lot of you on Sprint network will probably wonder if you can use this phone on Sprint. There’re a bunch of forms. People always talk about what works and what does not work.

Finally I’ve got all the information together after trials and errors. This is a great day. I’m so excited, but I’m going to pop in my verizon, because I don’t have unlimited on Sprint. I have it to show you. Look at that LTE on Sprint. It is slow. It is maybe 10 megabits per second.

Let’s make a phone call. Let’s call my friends. The voice works fine. You can see that the data dropped off on Sprint network. It doesn’t happen with some of the other networks. I hope that this can help you with Sprint network.

You will need to get this special SIM card. That’s made for the HTC One m9 and the Moto X pure. This is the only SIM card that will work with this phone. That is the hardest trouble. It has to match with the phone.

I have activated it. I’ll put the details of the SIM card in the description in my article, so you can check that out. I hope that you will have a wonderful day. Now, my phone can be used on AT&T; t-mobile, Sprint and Verizon, all four carriers of the US. I love this phone. It’s a great phone for 400 bucks. You can’t beat this. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Instagram. I’ll see you soon.

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