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How to Activate Sprint Devices on Ideal Mobile Com

It is about how to do activation for ideal mobile. This video is specifically for dealers out there trying to activate devices for their customers or themselves, who want to learn how to use our portal to do activation.

To start with, we’re going to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. When you have lost the link to our dealer portal right in our footer on ideal mobile.com, you’ll see a dealer portal link. We’re going to click on it, which takes you to our dealer portal.

If you’ve signed up with us already, you’ve already have this link. We’re going to put our credentials. When the portal opens, the very first thing we want to do is to check the device ESN. On the left- hand side, it says “Activate”.

On this page, we can actually input the ESN or that device. The portal will let us know if that device is eligible for the activation. In this case, I’ve selected an ESN, which is eligible.

If you want to check the eligibility of devices, you can go ahead and check several SNS as many as you want, through the dealer portal or our website. It’s just a dummy ESN in the office as a precaution. Pay attention to always get rid of any extra or invisible spaces.

Here is a button called Register Your ESN, click it to show the device eligibility. Not only does it tell us that the device is good to be activated with us, but internally it’s moving that device to our databases. It thus can be seen that it can be activated. Once that’s done, we can go over to the left-hand side menu again and press Create New.

The new page is for creating a new account or activating this device. As you see here, we have the first field and it’s called a CSA or area code. It is where we select the area code that the customer wants for their new phone number.

In this case, we’re going to select the 305 area code, which is Miami. Now you may see a few different options for the same area code, and that’s just because the area codes are separated into regions. In this case, we selected Miami 305. We encourage you to tell the customer that the area code they selected was the preferred area code, such as the 305.

What we select here is not guaranteed. Sometimes there are not enough 305 allocations, so it may generate that secondary area code for the area. In this case, it may generate a 786 number. Next we’re going to the ESN field. We shall input the same ESN number that you checked your ESN previously with.

I’m just going to paste it and again. You want to make sure that you get rid of any spaces that the ESN may have. Next the field warns us to input the ICC ID. The ICC ID is the SIM card number for the LTE capable devices. If you’re activating an LTE capable device, such as an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, 5c or Galaxy s4, any LTE device will have a SIM card. That’s the same SIM card that came with the Sprint device or what it had over at Sprint.

In this particular activation, it is not an LTE device. We’re going to leave this field blank and move over to the next field. It requires the planned pin number, which is basically the pin that you pull from our pin providers.

Those platforms are integrated with us, which carry our pins, so that you’ll be able to pull pins from their respective platforms and paste it into this pin number field. Once you bring the pin over to our platform, click on the white area on the page and we’ll see that the pin automatically gets updated here.

It says it’s a $50 pin for this activation. All that is left to do now is fill out some personal details, such as the state, the city, the email and some notes you may have about the account. Now we shall select the state of Florida.

We’re also going to select Miami. That’s the city where we are located, as well as where the activation is taking place for email. You may put the customers’ email or your email as a dealer, in case we need to send you something over email. Any sort of receipt or confirmations we are sending it.

Once all the information gets filled out, it’s time for the moment of truth. We’re going to save the account. We have a button at the bottom end at the top. Whatever you prefer, we’re going to click it and create the new number we requested. If these spinning arrows at the middle spin for quite a few seconds, it’s a very good indication that this phone is going to be activated without any issues or problems.

Provided we missed an important field such as the ICC ID in the case of an LTE capable device, the portal will let us know that we missed that field. For now, we see here that this number has been created, it generated a 786 number and gives us a green message, which means we can go ahead and program the device.

The programming steps will be outlined in a separate video.  Look that up in our YouTube channel here and learn how to do that. We can go ahead and look this number up to make sure everything is correct and the number did get activated in our platform. We are going to copy the 786 number that it was generated.

When we can actually paste it to search for your phone number, the account details are pulled up. As is showed, it is a $50 account, because we did put that $50 pin in the activation process. We can see the ESN the type of device and the billing cycle. Today is the second day this video was recorded, which is the billing cycle for this account.

We have some other tools at the bottom, which will allow us to do things to the account. Swap the device and replenish accounts, and we will provide you with videos that outline those processes. There is something worth noting, namely this ten dollar activation credit is added to our accounts.

After this activation took place, the ideal mobile does compensate all of their dealers for all of the activations importance because of their platform. I encourage you to check that out on how that works and check some of the other videos available here in our channel, or you can call one of our account managers to learn more and get signed up with us.

Our time here has come to an end. Thank you so much for watching this video. As you can see, it’s a very simple process. All we need to do now is to program the device so that the customer will be happily enjoying our service.

Thank you so much for watching the video. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to comment in the comment section below or send us an email or contact us at our support line. All the links and phone numbers and everything you need are outlined in the description of this video. Thank you so much again and wish you have a great day.

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