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How to Activate Your New Phone on Sprint.com

It’s easy to swap to a new phone. If you’re a brand-new Sprint customer to activate your new phone, first you need make sure the battery on your new phone is fully charged. You might need some information printed on the phone or on the phone box, so keep them both at hand.

Log on to WWE print.com, activate and log into your account. Locate the new phone you want to activate. Make sure your old phone is powered off. From now on, follow the prompts to deactivate your old phone and replace it with your new one. If you’re not deactivating an old phone, you may simply follow the prompts to activate your new phone.

It’s important to note that your saved voicemails texts, saved documents, contacts and pictures aren’t automatically transferred from your old phone to your new one. Take note of the information provided on the activation screens for details on what is transferable.

If you still have questions about the procedures, talk to a sprit representative by selecting the live chat option available on Sprint.com. In the sprint zone app online, the device activation from Sprint is a convenient way to set up your new phone at home or on-the-go.

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