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How To Unlock iPhone X From Sprint to Any Carrier Sprint.com Activate

Description: The following passage centers on the point about sprint activate. The author is eager to indicate us several practical methods which we can use if we would like to unlock iPhone X from sprint to any carrier, these ways are quick and inexpensive which bring us lots of convenience.

I want to show you how to unlock your sprint iPhone, welcome to cellular pros, in this channel, we do tech reviews and tutorials, so if you’re new to the channel, I welcome you to subscribe, let’s go to the video now, so this iPhone 10 here that we have is from Sprint and I’m going to be showing you a quick method and an inexpensive method to unlock it.

This is currently at the moment, the only method now to unlock iPhones from Sprint is by using this unlock chip, now you’re going to see here, so I’m going to go ahead and show you quickly, so as you can tell, this phone is activated here.

Let’s go ahead and remove the SIM card, so as you can see, it’s a Sprint SIM card, so let’s go ahead and put that down and put another SIM card into it, so I’m going to be putting in a t-mobile SIM, so you can see what it does.

When you’re trying to unlock it and use it with a different SIM card from another carrier, so this one is t-mobile, let’s put it in here, so check out what happens, it goes to this activation required screen and you have to connect to Wi-Fi, so connect to Wi-Fi and you will have to try and get the phone activated with the SIM card that you inserted.

It’s going to give you this message sim not supported, because the SIM card is not from the carrier that the phone is from, so since this is a sprint phone and it’s locked to spring, you can only use a sprint with it, so I’m going to show you how we’re going to unlock it.

So let’s remove the SIM card tray with the SIM card ejector tool, what we’re going to do is to put the t-mobile SIM card down for a second, what we’re going to need is to unlocked chip that we have here, unlock sim, I’m going to have a link in the description down below or you could find it.

So what we’re going to be doing is that we’re going to place the chip like this, we’re going to place it with this little part here that sticks out under, so you’re going to place like this and that part is going to go under the metal frame of the SIM card tray and the slanted part on this side and make sure it fits in there like that correctly.

All we’re going to do is to get the t-mobile SIM place it on, so I’m going to be putting in a t-mobile SIM card, but you can use any GSM SIM card that you want to use, so go ahead and place it in very carefully gently, so follow very carefully in other steps.

I’m going to explain to you so that we can get it unlocked with the unlock chip, because now we’re going to have to put enough special code in order to unlock it, so go ahead and hit continue.

Once you’re connected to Wi-Fi or if it allows you with the cellular data network, we get the sim not supported message, but now I’m going to show you what we’re going to do to unlock it and make it work, so you’re going to tap and hold the power button and this menu done.

Here’s going to come up, so hit emergency call, you’re going to hit star five zero zero five star seven six seven six seven, I’m sorry and then pound zero, star zero pound, so like that and then once you have that in there hit dial and you’re going to get this menu here, scroll down to edit iccid and then here is going to be the number that you’re going to type in and then one thing to keep in mind, this number changes very frequently lately.

Once you put it in and you leave your SIM card in there with the unlock chip, you’re not going to have to change it anymore, the only reason why you would have to change it is that if you remove your SIM card, it’s going to be eight nine zero one and I’m also going to have this number down in the description four one zero three two seven nine five oops 279 five two nine one five and then five four six eight and then hit Send and it’s going to say setup.

So here hit accept and then once you hit accept, we’re going to have to power the phone off and power it back on or you can also eat the SIM card and push it back in, but I prefer to reboot the phone, so once the phone is completely part off, press the power button and power it back on, then go ahead and hit continue and this time it’s going to activate the phone and bring you to the main screen where you can begin using the phone again.

As you can see, it’s reading the SIM card and picking up service, let’s go ahead and make a test phone call 1-800 Comcast welcome to Comcast, so as you can see, it is dialing perfectly, it’s picking up signal, let’s turn off Wi-Fi quickly, so you can see that it’s also getting data.

It says LTE, so let’s go to Safari, let’s go to Google, as you can see, it’s picking up the data as well, so the good thing is that once it’s unlocked and once you put in the SIM card, the phone is already unlocked, so you can use it with any other SIM card that you want to use and you don’t have to put in that code anymore.

So let me go ahead and show you let’s go ahead and remove the t-mobile SIM card, so as you can see, the unlock chip is in here, let’s go ahead and remove the t-mobile SIM and it’s going to place the AT&T, for example, it’s going to go to the activation screen at first, update, complete, so hit continue.

I’m probably going to have to connect to Wi-Fi again, because there’s no data service now, it seems that it automatically connected it to Wi-Fi, it automatically bypassed the activation and activated the phone with the AT&T, SIM card as well.

I’m going to have a link down below in the description where you could buy this on lock chip and I’m also going to have the most up to date code that you need to use to unlock it with the sim in the description down below for this video, I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope I helped you out, if you did, please give it a like, it really helps to channel a lot, I’ll see you around next time.

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