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Rant From Sprint to T-Mobile with My Nexus 6P How to Activate Sprint Com

Description: The following article is designed to talk about sprint com activate. The author shares a frustrating process of activating an unlocked phone with Sprint in this passage.

This is a posse aka RP3 and I’m here talking about my Nexus 6p with a partial rent. There’s about the phone itself and about the hard time I got activating it through sprint. I was already at my wit’s in with sprint and I was on the verge of switching. I was thinking about possibly going to t-mobile or Verizon.

I won’t go to AT&T. I hate them. I will never go to AT&T. I will go to a prepaid phone before I ever go to AT&T. That’s another story. I am waiting, watching YouTube videos and waiting for my phone to be delivered. I heard a few recommendations from my homie of Flossie Carter.

He said that if I got this phone on Sprint, I am going to need to call ahead to get you a SIM card to activate the phone, because I can’t walk into a Sprint store and get a SIM card. I said that it is cool. I checked my phone. It wasn’t expected to get here until November 18, but it showed up earlier. Let me call Sprint to get everything.

I asked them when my phone would come. I needed to pop the SIM card. I called Sprint and I got everything set up. I got a tracking number. I was expecting the phone and expecting a SIM card to show up somewhere around November 2nd or 3rd. I called Sprint on 1st, because I noticed there was no activity happening when I was trying to follow my order with my slice app. I noticed that there was no activity.

I called Sprint to investigate and they said there was a problem. They noticed the phone and the SIM card hadn’t left the UPS, so they were going to send me another one. Around that time I got the call, I got the notice on my app that my Nexus 6 was going to arrive at the day the SIM card should arrive. This is ridiculous. I have to wait another week to use my phone.

They said that I could try calling their corporate stores. I called around on their corporate stores and they were giving me stupid answers. Some were saying that they didn’t have it. One store told me that they didn’t give SIM cards out to phones that we couldn’t sell in our stores.

I took that. they didn’t want my business. Instead of waiting for a new SIM card, I switched everything over to t-mobile. I was thinking about doing it. I figure that it is a good movement and my service quality will be a lot better than what it was with Sprint.

I have to say on a based on 24 hours of being with t-mobile. Everything is cool. I’m spinning out. I try to explain the Sprint that you can go to t-mobile, AT&T and Rison grab. They can give you a SIM card and pop it in the phone.

They have a night. You have so much red tape and so much garbage in between the consumers. They are enjoying their products that they purchase with their heart on money. You have so much red tape. You make things frustrating. It’s no wonder that you’re losing customers by the thousands.

I pray that they never have the ability to merge with t-mobile, because they would drag them in the car and down the gutter with them. I will make a long story short. I love my phone. I got a SIM card coming from Sprint down. I don’t need anymore.

I hope that nobody needs to deal what I need to deal with. I’ll be signing off with this passage. I have to have a little rant here. I’m enjoying my phone. I’m not very good. I’m not a very good writer, but this seemed to be fun. It’s a nice hobby. I’ll write a few more passages.

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