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Speed Test among AT&T and T-Mobile and Sprint and Verizon 4G LTE How to Activate Sprint Com

Description: The following passage is designed to talk about sprint com activate. The author does a speed test on both AT&T, t-mobile, Sprint and Verizon again in SF Bay area to see which one is the best, fast and cheapest to use.

Last week we were in the center of San Francisco, doing a speed test on both AT&T, t-mobile, Sprint and Verizon or four major carriers. Mover apps on my parents house with SH are in East Bay which is suburb. I could say this is the city called Pleasanton.

This is a great test. I can show you more results about the speed test. For those of you who are wondering more speed test in SF Bay area, I can show you and prove to you which network is the best. Let’s go ahead and do this.

First I’m going to show you a TNT. I’m getting s full signal AT&T and the t-mobile also getting almost full signal. The Sprint is also getting ready. I’m getting only 3G to get LT with one bar as soon as I put this up on by the window which I will do the test based on.

Everyone has full signal arm and you can also see that Verizon is not getting as good as 4G LTE. I’m going to go ahead and place all these phones up. That’s where I get 4G LTE signal for all the phones. Let me go ahead and set it up quickly. I’m getting full signal with AT&T for t-mobile. I’m getting all full bars with Sprint. I’m getting only one bar.

The Sprint has the worst coverage in SF Bay area, there’s nothing I can do about that unless they upgrade the towers. I’m not too bad. Let’s go ahead and do the speed test. I’m going to run them here and find out which network is the best and fastest.

This doesn’t tell you the actual coverage arm that you would have to rely on experience which I’ll tell you at the end of this passage. This tells you some of the speeds you can get with 4G LTE on these forward networks. These conducted in my parents house in Pleasanton California.

I did a speed test last week or two weeks ago in the center of San Francisco. Those results are slightly different. Verizon is doing well today. The problem with Verizon is that they’ve started throttling users. I notice that whenever I download large files, my speed drops below one megabits per second. Verizon won today followed by AT&T. T-mobile and Sprint are in the last place.

I’ll go ahead and rerun these tests couple of times to show you the averages. You don’t want to go based on one test alone and you know these are good AT&T, t-mobile and Verizon. They’re all getting fair speeds as far as coverage. I want to say in my honest opinion that AT&T probably gets the best coverage.

The Verizon is being throttled. That is a problem in lately. I want to go with AT&T. Sprint is probably the worst here in SF area or anywhere in California, but I heard Sprint is good in the East Coast and the Midwest. I’ll do this one more time and to see if the results are different.

The most expensive networks are AT&T and Verizon. The reason why I avoid using them is that any time I go over my monthly two gigs or three gigs, I need to pay so much money for data versus. I have an unlimited plan on t-mobile which is great. A good thing of Sprint is that you will be unlimited. I’m sorry. I’m tethering off my Sprint while I’m here in my parents house which has no internet.

Bryso is winning today. I’m doing well. I’m so proud to them, but T-mobile always does well. I highly recommend them if you want to go with the best deal of the best average. Check them out again if you’ve been getting bad speeds. They’re probably one of the best networks and best deals. If you want to spend the least amount of money for the most bandwidth, try it.

That was the speed test here in my parents house. I hope that these speed tests can help you decide which carrier to move to. T-mobile is doing well and this is my honest pure opinions. They’ve upgraded their towers. You’re getting good signals in most places. If you’ve been getting bad signals with t-mobile in your area, definitely give it another thought.

I hear it’s good in East Coast, so if you live in the East Coast such as New York City or the Midwest such as Kansas City. Sprint might be good there. In California I will stay away from Sprint, because Sprint is based in Kansas City and they don’t upgrade any of our towers before they upgrade New York City and the Midwest.

San Francisco always gets the last upgrade, so I would definitely stay away from Sprint. I’ve always been a fan of Sprint. Some of my earlier phones were all Sprint phones but obviously they were lagging behind everyone else here in California. Stay away from Sprint. T-mobile is probably the best deal and followed by AT&T and by Verizon.

T-mobile won the race. They’re good. This is based on pure facts opinions experience and speed tests I’ve done around here. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe.

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