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I Do not Recommend Buying Squishies at Walmart

Description: This passage is mainly about squishies at walmart. In this passage, the writer does an unboxing of all kinds of squishies and tells us the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Welcome back to my channel, and today I’ll be doing another article, in today’s article, I’ll be doing Squishies, I forget buying our species, I don’t have any balance awarding, I’m not a fan of putting any shame to anyone, I’m giving you my own opinion, so I hope you enjoy this article and give us good big thumbs up.

Let’s get started, if you have your favorite, if you love, go to get it, go to collect them, but personally I don’t like blue, I know a lot of people say that I don’t like it, it feels more expensive, I know I can feel it too, because the materials are different, but they get defected easily, so this is mini baby, and I have a jumbo mainly before.

We have got so many tracks, the menu one is better, but the Jumbo ones are very easy to get affected, but they are still cute, if you love them, go to buy it for sure, next it is a Boone penguin as well, I also don’t recommend you buy it, but I never buy it for myself, because I know what’s going to be wrong with it.

First of all, it against the Islanders defective easily, ice cream seems not, it has got so many and especially the pom-pom hamster, it gets defective ways more easily than this, I see one of my friends who has the pom-pom hamster, and some of them don’t even score, they put it there as a decoration, and it has got defected by itself.

You can see how much crap they have got, I don’t recommend buying that, it’ll be nice, it is a square cheese, because they are not storing, and they’re spicy waiting for something, and they also get affected easily, it’s very good if I can get it.

It’s also not a star, but I get it affected easily, I don’t recommend you buying most of the squishies, and I have bought one from toy sirs, which is this cake pop, I forgot the name, but it has a lollipop wrapping it, and it is in a blind bag.

Look at the size, it’s not even that big, it’s almost the size of my pinky, it comes to this, it is very small and it is not even squishy, and it’s a toy, that doesn’t even look through you, and it comes to this, it is very small and squashy, it’s like wood.

That’s the reason, to be honest, do you know how much does it cost? It costs 34 Windgate and 90 cents, you can get a much more john belushi for this, next I don’t recommend you buying the Bible, the reason is that the cuff seems to be good quality, but you can get a original Apple for 40.

I don’t like it which is bigger than the size, and also I think Apple is much cheaper, it is 40, but I have got Stephanie, which is 80, and the squishiness is the same, this is why we have an Apple cent, but this one has an apple.

The next question that I recommend is this twice box shop, but this is defected easily, and it is very surprising that I have got so many cracks, and I don’t even rise them up, it has got squash during shipping, and I see some people sell them for 40, swhich is not worth for this price.

When I get it or you like squash and defected, but it’s very summarizing, if you want to fall it stress-reliever squishy, then go for it, but this is not cheap as well, so I don’t recommend buying it, I don’t recommend it, it is Smiggle squishies, it’s very cute and I think it’s 47, it comes to packaging battery.

As you can see probably and the painting isn’t great, such as 447 ring that you can probably get a nice painting, it doesn’t look great, the next that I’m about to show you might be shocked, because you personally might think it’s worth it, but I don’t think it’s worth it, it is pulley Maru magic cheeky toast.

If you can’t find this, go to buy it for sure, but I see some stores and some forms, I need something which is not with it, because the original price of it is 60, these are rare, but I have got my boy to try it, so if you want the rainbow toaster, then you can spend your nine-year ingot on it.

The next one that I don’t recommend is this silly squishies, and you might be shook, I know this is my watch, so that’s why I will buy it, but I regret now, because it’s not me with that dragon and it’s a bit dense, and I have got it for 100.

The last one that you might want to be is the big booty, which is black, and it’s time to be honest, it’s not worth it, I have also got a new box for this boutique, and the owner gives me the wrong box, so it’s not that big, but it looks very big, and you can get it for 140, I think it is crazy.

To be honest, I expect more Jumbo’s, let me tell you, this booty is very small, and this is even smaller than my knees, so that is our discussion, I don’t come in buying all, I regret buying my collection, please do not give me hate, because I’m trying to give you opinions, and I have saidthat this is my own opinion.

I want to upload three to go plus I don’t have discussion packages coming these few days, so I want to upload for you, I hope you enjoy this article, if you make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel and comment down below, and I’ll see you in my next article, bye.

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