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Can I Use My Straight Talk iPhone 5s With Another Wireless Service ? How to Activate Straight Talk Com

Description: This passage is mainly about straighttalk com activate. In this passage, the writer tells us how to use the straight talk iPhone with another wireless service and what other services that can be used with.

This is Bob Thompson for smartphone matters, today I want to talk about if you can use your straight talk iPhone with a different wireless company, I get this question from time to time, and recently I have had a viewer Lauren comment, he asks if he can bring his Straight Talk iPhone 5s to total wireless, and what other services he could use his straight talk iPhone 5s with.

That is a good question, I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but I’ll show you a few things that you should check. First that total wireless uses the Verizon network, and it is similar to any wireless carrier that uses the Verizon network, you’ll need to check to see if you can activate or register your phone on their network.

So I’m here on total wireless com, and if we click shop, then click bring your own phone, scroll down here a little bit, and you’ll see that it says verify your phone works with our program, so we’ll click check compatibility, now you’ll see here they want you to enter the serial number or meid of your phone, you can dial star pound zero six pound to find that number, it’s a long number, it’ll be printed on the screen, make sure you answer it carefully.

I will enter in the meid for my iPhone 6s, now I’ll enter in my zip code, click check compatibility, and you’ll see it says congratulations your device is compatible with total wireless, so I could at this point continue on and activate service with total wireless.

Now let me show you a second example, this is the meid for my iPhone SC, now you’ll see the message that says congratulations your phone is compatible, but this time they’re telling me that I need to contact customer service to get the phone registered in the database and complete the activation.

I don’t know why, maybe because this phone is currently registered on Straight Talk wireless, so they need to move that by themselves, now let me show you that one more time, this time for a phone, that is not compatible, click check compatibility, and you’ll see that it says unfortunately your phone is not eligible for our bring your own phone program, now the meid for the phone, I have checked with my iPhone 6 which is currently registered on verizon wireless prepaid.

So I’m not sure why it’s not eligible, so you should start by checking to see whether or not your phone is eligible, now you have the Straight Talk iPhone 5s, and I want to talk about that a little bit, if you look at the iPhone 5s, currently here on straight talks website, it says that a service plan card is required for activation.

Now you can see the phone is 149 99, and when they first start selling the Straight Talk iPhone 5s, it is at this discounted price of $199 or 149 dollars, there used to be a different message here on the site, let me show you, so this is from the comments.

Now unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot of this, but back in June, the website used to say that this iPhone 5s is secured for activation on Straight Talk wireless, only now you may find that you’re only able to use your iPhone 5s on straight talk, if they sell it to you at a discounted price, they may have restricted the phone or secured the phone, so it can only be activated on straight talk.

If you’re interested in using a prepaid wireless carrier that uses the eighteen T Network, you may have some other options, now your phone may be unlocked, the easiest way to check this is to simply find someone else using an iPhone on AT&T; or t-mobile, and borrow their nano SIM card, put their nano SIM card into your phone, and see if it works.

If it does, you should be able to activate a SIM on a different prepaid wireless service, put that SIM in your straight talk iPhone, and you’ll be all set now, if for some reasons the SIM doesn’t work, it may be because the phone is locked, your last option would be to head straight the website, scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see that they have way down here on the bottom unlocking policy, click on that.

Then you can find out whether or not Straight Talk will unlock the phone for you, if you click through this link unlocking policy, it tells you that you will have to have the phone active on tracfone service for no fewer than 12 months, and when it says tracfone, it means any of the tracfone brands such as Straight Talk net10.

So I will check out these three options, go to total wireless com, check your meid to see if your phone is compatible, if it is, then you should be able to sign up, if not, and you’re interested in using a prepaid wireless service that uses the AT&T; or t-mobile network, try borrowing a nano SIM card and see if your phone works.

If it does, you should be able to activate a SIM on that different service and put it in your Straight Talk iPhone 5s, finally if all your other options run out, then visit straight com and check out the unlocking policy, if you meet the terms and conditions, Straight Talk should unlock your phone, and you may be able to bring it to another wireless carrier.

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