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Introduction to The Student Desmos Drawing

Description: This passage is mainly about student desmos. This passage is about a desmos drawing introduction, and the writer draws a house and the sun with desmos drawing.

I’m going to get you started on making a picture using desmos, I’m going to go ahead and draw a house, because that’s very simple to draw, and you’re welcome to draw a house, or if you look at something else that you’d like to draw using desmos, feel free, but I’m going to encourage you to start with a house.

So here’s what I’m going to do, first I’m going to type y equals, I don’t know how about one third, remember to use the right arrow key to get out of the fraction X plus six, I’m going to call that a roof line on my house, I have got those lines to be nice and dark by going over here to graph settings and making sure that I am in projector mode.

That makes the lines darker for you, so that’s one side of my roof, and then I can make another side of the roof by making y equals negative one-third, remember that you use the fraction of the slash arrow, so I slash key to make a fraction X plus six, there you can see my two roofs.

If I want to change the the color, here I can go to edit this, and then change this color over here to orange, so they’re the same, and I’ll click done here, and if I want the edges of the house, maybe I’ll make a vertical line here at x equals negative four, that makes a vertical line there, and x equals four makes another vertical line there.

Maybe I’ll change this to purple to match it, and there you’re probably looking at this going, that is a very stupid looking house, here’s the line over here, but you have got all this extra stuff, so here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to make this line and we change this line here, so it only goes from there to there, you can watch how I do this.

I’m going to go back to that line, that’s y equals 1 3 X plus 6, I’m going to type exactly this, I’m going to type a curly brace, and then I’m going to type the number that I want to start at, let’s make it go from, let’s give it a bit of an e, so we’ll go back here to negative which is that four and a half.

So negative four point five is less than X, it is less than zero, and you can see now that this segment goes from negative four and a half to zero and stop there, I’m going to do the same thing with the other part of the roof line.

I’m going to go curly brace, start at 0 less than X less than, and I think I want it to stop at four and a half, so now my roof line starts and stops in a more reasonable look in place, I’ve still got these vertical lines over here that are looking dumb, so I think what I’ll do is to come over here and I’ll do the same thing.

Now I’ll use wise so 0, I think I’ll have it start down here on the x-axis, so I’m sorry, curly brace zero is less than Y is less than, let’s see what is that about four and four point seven, maybe let’s try it four point seven, it is closed enough for government work, so that’s working.

Then for this one, we’ll go to the same thing, curly brace 0 less than y less than four point seven, so now I’ve got the the walls of my house there, and I can put the floor there if I want to, or rely on the x-axis to be the floor, so I’ve got these things start to take shape here, there are a few options.

I want to do a window here, that will be y equals two and a half, and y equals two and a half there and y equals three and a half there, y equals two and a half, and I had better make that only go from 2 2, let’s go to 2 3, that works, and y equals 3 and a half, let’s have that also go from 2 to 3, I forgot my curly brace there, I had better go back and do that correctly.

There are the sides of the top and bottom of the window, I can change the colors if I want, let’s go ahead and go x equals 2, but I only want that to go from 2 and 1/2 up to 3 and 1/2, that’s working and x equals 3, and we’ll also go from two and a half to three and a half, so there’s my window.

There are a lot of stuff there starting to get quite a list of stuff here, so I think what I’m going to do is to do something that makes things a little bit easier to manage, I’m going to create a folder here, I’m going to call it right window, and then I can take this thing here and slide it into right window and same with this one, go over here at all.

I’m sliding all these pieces of the window into this folder called right window, they’re all underneath this right window, and I think it’s this part here as well, all that stuff’s under right window, now if I press this here, it puts it all in there, so everything’s stashed in there.

But I don’t have to look at it, so now I can create more things, so I have a lot of fun with this, if you want to make the Sun for instance, you’d need something round the equation, for a round thing, you can do y equals the square root of, let’s try 9 minus X, that’s not working, if I go 3 squared minus x squared, there’s a round thing, that’s a little bit big.

So let’s make this one, it’s not bad, but there’s a problem, nobody wants the Sun in the middle of things, so I need to be able to take this thing and and move it, I think I even want a smaller one, so 0.5, but it needs to be somewhere else besides in the middle of the house, I want it up here somewhere.

So I think what I’m going to do is to move move the whole thing to about 4 units, and you might remember that if you take the X and you replace it with X minus 4, look at that, it moves the whole thing four units to the right as it did before.

But I also want to bump it up here to 6, so I’ll go out the back door here outside the square root, then plus 6, and now it’s up there, that’s nice except that’s only half of the Sun, so what I can do this is to take this thing, and copy it and paste it there.

Then make it negative hot, so I have got obviously a color problem, but there’s a circle there, if you want call that the Sun, and you can knock yourself out with other fun things, that should get you started, have a great time with it.

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