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Introduction to Self Serve and Student Planning Student

Description: The passage below completely talks about student self serve. The author shows you the functions of the Ellucian Students Planning and explains how to use Ellucian Student Planning as a student to add courses.

My name is Aaron Brooks. I’d like to introduce you to the student planning module here at East Mississippi Community College. We are a current customer of illusion who provides our students information system. They are efforting a self service module that includes a number of things and student planning that happens to be one of those extensible modules.

When a student logs on to the student portal, here’s the page that they’re fronted with. There are plenty of links and options that they’re able to take advantage of. One of those options happens to be student planning. Student planning is on the website and we’re allowed to manage the CSS coding with it.

We could change the colors, change some of the wording and add a few comments for needed to throw your logo up there. There are some customizing opportunities that are available on the homepage for a student. They’re able to see the current program that they’re in as well as their current GPA and the progress that they’ve made.

Towards the requirements of fulfilling, the program below is a weekly grid for their current term. I’m not in any classes at this particular time, so you have no class as shown here. I’ll show you what that looks. Box one basically shows a student their present state, the progress they’ve made and what’s left to make.

Box two basically gives them opportunity to plan their future. They can take the present and plan out into the future. Let’s start with the view of my progress. I’m going to view my progress once again. They’re able to see the Liberal Arts and the cumulative GPA which would include all transfer work. The institution GPA would only include credits obtained here at East Mississippi Community College.

It also showed the current catalog that they fall. Those are the rules that will apply in the background. They can see the progress, total credits and institution credits, so the transfer work would appear up here. In the second bar, you can see the number of credits that have been playing. I have 13 credits that I’ve planned to take out the future.

There are other requirements for this liberal arts program. In order to receive an Associate of Arts, I have to fulfill each of the requirements that are listed below. You’ll notice that as I complete the requirements, it checks them off the list. In our rules, we explicitly require English cop 1 and English cop 2. In our math requirements, you’ll notice they can take math 13 or higher.

You can have college algebra, trigonometry or some form of calculus. That will fulfill this particular math requirement. There are details to give you some of the options for instance. It has to be a level 100 or 200 meaning that developmental math is not going to count towards obtaining your degree and in which you see excluded here.

I’m in the list. As you plan for classes out in the future, you’ll notice the yellow check mark. It’s not growing yet, because it hasn’t been fulfilled. It also shows you the term that I’m planning to fulfill this requirement. We’ll move on and you’ll notice other courses that I’ve planned out other requirements that have to be fulfilled.

You can see the ones that are explicit and the ones that are implicit for instance. The lab science requirement is rather vague. I think that’s an issue that we’re going to clean up. It gives you a little detail that you choose from the Department of Science. Let’s look at it. It looks like in planning out.

For Humanities, I need to take six hours either history or English or foreign languages. Let’s do a search. I’m into some history. The thing is that I want to find something that’s available for second intensive this semester, because I know that’s open and there’s a western CIV. There’s nothing available now. This is not looking good so that means I may need to step back.

Let’s see if there’s an English Lit. What I have to do is that I’ll go back and I’ll plan for a man. I know there’s a math available. I plan to take my math. I think I’m going to move that up, because I want to get it over with. Here’s a college algebra. That’s available. When it’s explained as intensive, you’ll also notice that it does prerequisite and coracles of checking.

That allows a student to know whether they’re eligible for this course or not. When I add that to my plan, you’ll notice up. It says that I’ve already done this. I add this to my plane, so I can go and remove it from the summer and apply it to my second intensive. It’s on the plan.

I have nothing for the full term, but if I click on timeline, you’ll see that here are a couple of things playing for our Spring intensive. There’s the one for the summer. I’m deciding not to do that in the summer. I may take something else in the summer. I’ll get rid of the class. If you click on it, you’ll notice there aren’t any sections.

I won’t take that second intensive, but there should be some sections available for math. Click on the head and look. There are some sections available. You’ll notice that they’re all after 6 p.m. and that’s going to make it tough. I’m a fit into my schedule, so this section is full. No seats are available. I have these options to choose from.

It gives a little blurb about how many seats available, who the instructor is and the time. I am ready to add this booger to my schedule. This is the actual section we added the course of the plan. This is adding the section to my schedule. I’m fine with that.

What you’ll notice is the register now button because of the registration period per second intensive is open. I can register for that particular class, but I won’t click the registration button, because it causes bills. We’ll leave that. On the timeline, I have spring intensive to take care of. I could come over here and work with my summer.

I will add some courses. I hope that I can finish my whole career out with a plan. This is all in pencil, because I haven’t registered. If I decide that, I can remove all of those courses and erase what I’ve planned out the course catalog.

All of the courses fall under that area. We’re able to see all of the accounting courses that we offer at East Mississippi Community College and then you can add them to the plan if you desire.

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