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Student Planning Load a Sample Plan Introduction to Self Serve

Description: The following article completely focuses on student self serve. This tutorial reviews how to use the Load Sample course plan in Student Planning. The author introduces Load Sample course plan and guides you in detail.

Welcome to the tutorial on using the feature of student planning called load sample course plan. Sample course plans help students understand which courses are required. The load sample course plan feature is the most useful to freshmen that have declared a major, new transfers in their first semester and new graduate students in their first semester.

Every undergraduate major has a sample plan as does every graduate program already built out by the Registrar’s Office. In order to begin, log into student planning. On the Welcome page, select the student planning link. Click on my progress. This screen displays your progress towards degree requirements.

Your current or future major or degree program is displayed. Freshmen who have declared their major will click on the forward arrow to display their new major. Select load sample course plan a pop-up window will appear allowing you to select a term. It is very important to choose the correct first term to start the plan which is your first semester in your new major or program.

For undergraduates, all sample plans are set up to begin with the fall semester of the sophomore year. Undergraduates must load their plan prior to or during the start of the sophomore fall semester, but before any registration or planning activity has taken place for winter session of the sophomore year.

For graduate students, all sample plans are set up to begin with the fall semester of the first year. Graduate students must load their plan prior to or during their first fall semester, but before any registration or planning activity has taken place for winter session of their first year.

Loading a plan to start in any other semester or loading the sample course plan after winter session planning or registration will result in courses in the plan out of sequence for the remainder of the semesters. Click on the radio button for your choice.

If you are a freshman and have not chosen a major, start typing the name of the major and the choice will pop up. Select preview plan. Displayed are all the courses pre-built into the sample course plan. Every required course for your major will display. Scroll down to view all semesters in the sample plan.

Department electives, non-required liberal arts and non major studio electives will not display for any semester. You will need to add these manually at a later time. Select the plan by clicking on load plan. Once loaded the courses appear in schedule view meaning one term at a time. Note the green message box informing you that courses have been added to your plan.

Use the forward arrow if needed to move to the first semester for your plan. Switch to Timeline view to see the multiple semesters at once. Click on a course to display additional information about the course including description, credits pre or co-requisites and when the course is typically offered.

Some majors do not have the required courses for every future fall or spring semester of study. In these situations, your sample course plan will not show those semesters. In the example shown here, winter session plans must be added.

In addition to adding electives and liberal arts courses to the existing semesters in your plan, you can add new semesters for fall, spring or winter session. There is more than one way to do this, but the basic idea is the same for all. When you choose a course, choose it for a term and the term will be added if it doesn’t already exist.

You can choose courses through a course catalog, search from my progress or from plan and schedule. These methods are covered in two other passages preparing for registration and registering for classes. Faculty advisers also have the ability to adjust student plans, add terms and so on.

Use the advising tab to communicate with your adviser about your course selections or any other academic issues. Work with your faculty adviser each semester to ensure you are making adequate progress towards graduation.

Loading a sample course plan at the right time in your RISD career will give you a head start on future planning. If you have any questions, please contact the office of the registrar at 40 1 45 46 151 or at registrar at RISD edu.

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