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Introduction to Super Nintendo 64 Classic Mini on Walmart

Description: This passage is mainly about super nintendo classic walmart. In this passage, the writer shows us a quick view of his Nintendo 64 mini that he has built out of the Super Nintendo mini.

This is Johnny here to give you a quick view of my Nintendo 64 mini that I have built out of the Super Nintendo mini that they have made the classic, what happens is that I have had the mini and it is exploded into flames, and my friends and I decide to check and see if it is still salvageable, and luckily the motherboard still works, so I decide to make a little bit more unique and build this little Nintendo 64.

As you can see, it’s very small, it’s compared to a controller, it’s almost the same size, and compared to the mini itself, it’s the exact same size, maybe it is a little bit skinnier, I take the controller ports out of a Nintendo 64 that is broken, I have made that portable Nintendo 64 that you see in my video list and these are left over.

So I cut out the middle and fit the controller ports perfectly in there, I try to take the logo off the Nintendo 64, but it is too big and doesn’t leave enough gap here on the sides, which looks weird, and then I drill a hole behind this logo that I have created, so when you turn it on, it’ll light up behind here, which is similar to the normal Nintendo 64.

I put a little fake cartridge slot for appearance, the board fits inside this box here in this region, I can’t get to fit in that way, so I have to put the ports on the side, unfortunately I will have them back here, but it works out well, so you plug in the side, and you can hook up to your TV, I take the power off of here, it’s gone, so that survives well from the fire.

Then I create my own little switches and some random plastic lays around, here’s the reset button, and then this slides up and down, it sounds very cool, which is simialr to the original Nintendo 64, and then on the bottom, I have the screw holes, and I add these little rubber pads that I have got, so it will stick to wherever it’s at without moving.

It will slide around, because the cables will come out this side, and it will slide, you can play Nintendo 64 games if you mod your SNES classic, you can mod it and then play with this dirty controller, here you can use it as long as it has the same plug, or you can even play your old SNES games, NES games, Gameboy or whatever with this, it’s very cool.

So what I have tried doing is that I have tried to make it look exactly like 10 to 64 original with these little side cups here, but I don’t think it looks good, it looks a little bit bulky, so I take it away and give up on that.

I am trying to recreate something there, and then I make this little top groove thing to follow the appearance of a Nintendo 64, so I take apart per my razor, cut it up, put it on the top, but I think it looks good, I’ll show you some TV actions in a moment.

So as you can see, it’s all plugged into the TV, there is no signal yet, so let me turn this on, first let me show you if we can capture it, and you turn on the lights, it’s a little hard to see, let me turn the lights up, that little Nintendo logo is very cool, look at SNES class, I think you have got all the games that come originally on it by modding them and adding some extras.

You push smash, it doesn’t work well, look at one snapped in work below zelda work, Donkey Kong has some glitches too, but I can try some more and see what happens, the system is very cool.

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