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How to Activate TBS Com TBS Crossfire Full Setup Guide Taranis Correct Antenna Placement

Description:The article is related to tbs com activate. The writer primarily shows some clear instructions on setting up your crossfire for someone who can not find any useful manual or instruction on the Facebook or some other posts.

I received my crossfire module recently, there were no clear instructions on setting up your crossfire. I went into the Facebook groups and looked at different posts to see what people has said and done. I noticed that no one said anything about the antennas. It’s the black part of the antenna, it is odd to see. The black part of the antenna is not polarized inside, it’s connected to the ground shielding, it doesn’t act like an antenna. So I put it here.

Mounting the polarized part of the antenna would be best, it should be 180 degrees or a straight line for these antennas. The the best possible spot to mount it would be like this, but you would have trouble in landing. So that’s not going to be any point. It only says that you have better signal with this as a straight line instead of doing this 90 degrees, but it still works well.

I figured that it would be stupid to mount it like this, because you have a dead spot here, this is pointing at the antenna like this. So it’s hard. But if you hold the transmitter like this, the antenna polarization will go and bend it, the polarization would go like this in this direction. If you have the antenna pointed like this, they will match up and they will have good reception.

I have great perception, so that works. I mean, you need to find your crossfire with your quad. So I have the side, this is set up already. So this is convenient for me. I can see how many milliwatts in my head. The crossfire is on, now it’s 100%. So that’s a good thing about this.

The more advanced part of this is not a heart, it’s still something that you need to do. I discovered the sensors, but you need to go in to discover new sensors and delete all the sensors here. You need to have the telemetry wire parts at your control wire, it should be a non-inverted yard. So it’s going to work with your receiver, because this is a on-inverted protocol. You can see all the call-outs and what they’re doing.

I figured that if I put it to 70 and 75, it would work well, but not so well. So you would put it to zero. I’m going to plug it my quote. So I’m going to put them as low as I can, because the crossfire will not go with this. So we cannot go lower than 12 and 15, that’s OK, because the crossfire will not go down there.

So we will go down here, you need to set up everything as I’ve done. This will give you a warning when you’re at 80%. When it is at 70%, that will work great for me. So you need to go out to first page again. I want to focus my camera, so I press H. Or you want to go here, find out lo1 and lo2, press page, go down here, find lo1, go through everything to find lo1, it is OK.

Now your crossfire would be set up correctly, so the crossfire is set up correctly. That’s how you set up your crossfire. If you don’t know how to do, you can come here and execute this. I’m going to plug in. Hold this down and press execute, this shows you the flight controller that I have in. It’s messed up. If I press up, it will go down. It’s loading the receiver. Your quad will not fly away because we do not have any type of GPS.

You can go 250 Hertz, you need to find crossfire TX instead of ppm or the default. It will go across arcs on output 2 automatically. I think that you need to to pick LQ on the channel 12 to link quality. So you will be able to see which are most likely not important in your OSD on beta flight.

If you do some long range, it’s nice to have so. I’m going to change to beta flight to show you how that works. I connect it to the beta flight configuration to show you how to set up the crossfire. In this case, you will not need to do anything. I have my crossfire connected. Remember that your telemetry wire needs to go to the same UART as the same yard as the controller. So this is what I’m running, nothing else, a lemon tree here is important.

If you want the fast crossfire Pro protocol, you will choose crossfire. When that’s done, save, reboot and connect it. Everything’s working correctly. If you need, if you do the thing that I did, you need to put a link quality in channel 12. You will find it on the arcs auxiliary 8.

You can see that it will go down to a move. When you turn off your transmitter, that goes up to 2,000 again. In this case, I’m on the newest beta flight. So in your case, I think that you need to choose channel 12. In my case, I choose auxiliary 8. You need to choose channel 12.

You can also turn off your transmitters to see which one goes down to 1,100, it’s the easiest thing. If you do everything correct, you will see that your crossfire is beside you or the quad is at 100%. I do it correctly, so it’s at 100%. When I turn it off, it will go down to 12. So it works great for me. That’s what you want to do, thank you for reading.

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