teacher kidnapped student

Teacher Kidnapped Student

Description: The following article is primarily intended to concentrate on the heated discussed topic which is related to teacher kidnapped student that has happened recently. The content shows that the teacher wants to kidnap the student, we can see some information about the talk between them.

I did my homework last night, that’s 500, I looked it up and it was negative five, so let’s find out how you got the zero, meanwhile, what did you tell me? I talked to you about the grades as long as your test score from last Friday’s test which is good as usual 86%.

I think something else for you, I told William that his answer was wrong, my number 403 and eight eight, Tommy wants to come over, this is about Mr. Martin, that’s your wife, this is my bow, I did get all of these right.

That’s your wife. I thought we could get to know each other a little better, talk about your grades, my grades are good enough for me and take a quick picture of you, I don’t hear a lot, I usually do illegal things.

I think it is beautiful, this is your wife’s paper. I’m not doing Mr. Angry, some others mate all zeros a year, I can’t show, this is invincible, but I will call your wife, let’s call the principal, honestly this is creepy, where did Mr. Nolan go?

Here she’s not even here, I’m going to call the principal and talk about it, Miss Welsh, you’re the principal at my school, so Mr. Nolan said he gave me a piece of paper and I still have it that says my number Coleman 403 8a and then you want to hear what the message says endure it, it says call me, you want to come over tonight and then he took a picture of me and I know that is against the law, I see he is coming home with me tonight, mister laws cannot realize that, you have to stay. you could see nothing.

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