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20 Questions about Team Building Activities

Description: This passage is mainly about team building activities. This article is about 20 questions, a classic team building event that is great for facilitating learning about team building and icebreaker sessions. It is part of the classic team series.

My name is Tyler Hayden, I am from a team over com, it’s your online source for ways to take your team outside of the box, today I want to share with you a classic initiative something that I’ve had in my team building box.

It might seem leaders pack for the last 20 years, and it’s a fantastically fun event to use either during the beginning stages of a group middle stages or even at the end, because it’s a great activity that helps you to learn new things, learn creative and fun things to have a little bit of fun and to share a little bit about one another.

Try to connect those sharings that we provide for each other, so here’s what I’m going to show you without further ado which is called 20 questions, it’s not like when you are out dating and your boyfriend or girlfriend’s mother or father will sit you down and grill you 20 questions, these are fun 20 questions, so here’s how the activity works.

So what we do is that we’ll go to the whiteboard, we’ve got a page, we hate that, each person gets their own blank piece of eight-and-a-half by eleven sheet of paper, it is very excited, they number one through twenty on the side of the page, then you’ve got your twenty questions, you’ll find that in your down loadable book.

You’ll see the twenty questions that we suggest, and you can make your own questions too, you don’t have to use ours, but we have some there for you if you’d like to use those, so you go through, go one through twenty, go slow enough that people can write their responses beside those twenty questions.

Then what’s going to happen is that they’re going to crumple up their pieces of paper into a snowball, and then you’re going to have a snowball fight with your team, so you see your team will throw their their pieces of paper at one another, you can build paper airplanes, you can build snowballs.

I like snowballs, because they’re fun to throw at each other, so everybody throws their snowballs at one another, and each person gathers up a snowball at the end trying not to get their own snowball, then open up that sheet of paper, and they read down the sheet of paper and the answers to the 20 questions.

What they’ll find is that they need to find the person that connects to that sheet of paper, so they need to find the team member who is that sheet of paper, and it’s fun to connect people, and I don’t know you like that for TV shows, or I don’t know that’s the way you like to spend your time after work.

It’s a very fun and neat way to open up new doors and to discover new things about one another, the 20 questions is easy to apply cost effective, it’s all about building your team, because remember the teams that have the most fun are the ones that win, play safely, have a great time, my name is Tyler Hayden from team mover com, look forward to seeing you again, take care and bye for now.

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