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Introduction to Team Building Activities and Maze of Frustration

Description: This passage is mainly about team building activities. This article is about maze of frustration, a classic team building event that is great for facilitating learning about problem solving, frustration and communication, which is part of our classic team series.

My name is Tyler Hayden, welcome to team your online source for helping you to take your team outside of the box, so today we’ve got another classic initiative series of a classic initiative vents that you can use to help take your team outside of the box.

Today is the frustrated maze, now as for this one, not all my team building colleagues agree with that, because they believe that every team-building event should have a positive and happy outcome, I don’t necessarily agree with that, I believe that everybody should leave safely and happily at the end of the day, because they have learned a ton of things about each other and not have any many increased friction with each other.

Now this event creates some frictions, it will create some frictions between you as the trainer and the group itself, but I think that is managed correctly, if you debrief it properly and spend an adequate amount of time debriefing what the value of the frustration is, then this is a fantastic initiative for a team, that is ready to grow in that way.

So make sure that your teams are ready to go emotionally and socially, and this is probably not the activity that you want to do in your first bill, we run around with your team, you want to do this a little later into their development where they know each other, and you want to shake things up a little bit, so let me show you on the whiteboard what I’m talking about.

So this is the frustrated maze or the maze of frustration, and what happens is that you take some masking tapes and tape out on the floor a grid, so four by four or four by five and individual boxes, now the team will all start on one end, and the job of the team is that one person at a time to go into and find the path to get out of the maze as this red line does.

Now in order to be successful, everybody in the team must go through the same path, if not everybody is successful going through that same path, the whole team must go back to the beginning and try again.

Now what happens inside this maze is that I build myself a little cheat card with a whole bunch of different routes and a whole bunch of different ways to get through the maze, whether these straight lines or the red line there, and what happens is that I switch it every now and again for no reason at all other than to create a sense of frustration in the team members.

What happens is that as they become increasingly frustrated, because it doesn’t make any logical sense, they go back, they get more frustrated, get more frustrated and I’ll ask them, so if you have to describe yourself as a weather system, how are you sunny and cloudy, if it is cloudy, is it raining? Is that a storm?

If it is a sunny day, where are you at? Let me know, once they are all cloudy and a little bit stormy, that’s usually when I call the event, and I will let them know the purpose of the event being successful in the event is having that sense of frustration, and how we deal with that frustration, and then I use this activity to spend some time talking about how we as a team work together when we go through frustrating times or negative time.

So how is it that we’re going to treat one another? How are we going to grow together? How are we going to support each other? How are we going to work as a collective in order to keep that eventual outcome of our project success or our goal in mind?

So this is a great activity for teams that are ready for it, the frustrated maze will bring out an absolute plethora of emotion for you that you will need to process effectively, so listen and try the the frustrated maze, you’ll absolutely love it as much as people will hate it, along the way they’ll get it, I think at the end of the day, that’s a great experience that totally can be, so thank you very much, look forward to talking to you soon, my name is Tyler Hayden, take care and bye for now.

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