team building activities

Introduction to Team Building Exercise and Activities and Team Pen

Description: This passage is mainly about team building activities. In this passage, the writer and his teammates do a team pen together, which is a team building exercise.

We’re on the paper, now we’re coming down towards me, towards you Ruby, and go up, nothing on, where we go for? Go back, we’re up too high, come back to that spot down there, now everyone has done, I was driving it, you should be directing Andy in rather than trying to copper.

Next lit up, I direct, my girls on this side, we’re coming, and go towards Jeff, go down, Kim hasn’t done yet, can you go down? You must be able to feel it when it’s down, thank you, stop to go to Ruby, I strike out, that’s good direction, it’s good.

It’s good, up to the top, Rudy wants you, it is in very good directions, they are never going to come back, don’t push, we’re riding, unity, suck on this paper, down to you a little, you are overdoing that, it helps us know that.

I think we have to take towards Jane, that’s cool, stop, hang on, paint a visual picture for your team mates that are blind people, down, we don’t notice that, paint a visual picture, what are you doing? You need to tell each other.

Now we’re coming, I’ve it now, it’s very good, we’re out to the water, we’ve done the tape, we’re out to the dotted, and we’ll talk to real people, Ruby, polish our joy, we have done, you don’t go down, we have done knitting, it’s beautiful.

Let’s say a smile face, hang on, we surely have that, it’s good, it’s going to be near, that’s awesome, I think everyone should pick your visual picture, I think I’m watching, let it feel, so everyone pull a little bit, tortor nose on them.

Naturally national bit, we go, one eye is something dumpty, I think it can’t, I’m not going to force, that’s pimple, you can kiss this planet cheeks doing handy, where are you putting Arthur? They are in the normal places, yI could say that is fine.

Now the smile comes down to Shelly, Paul pulls towards your roots, that’s a big smile, I can feel it, I don’t compensate for Andy, tell Andy, calm down Kerry, you have got your shrub, it’s all toddler, that’s a good work.

There’s a smart boy in the middle, we need your nose in the middle, Mike is laughing, that’s the person, do it in the middle screen with it, Shelley, remember this verb in the middle, look at that, there are a lot of things, they are same, that’s it well done.

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