How to Set up and Login toTeenSafe iOS Control App TeenSafe Built for Parents by Parents

Description: The following passage mainly talks about teensafe login. The author teaches you how to add a new child to the teen safe app. The guidance is so detailed and useful that you can use it to make sure that your kids are safe.

How to add a new child to the teen safe app. To begin the setup process, you need your device, your child’s device and a computer. You also need to make sure certain settings are turned off on the child’s device. First, your child’s device must be running iOS 9.3 or higher. Make sure that the iCloud feature, Find My iPhone is turned off.

Go to settings then tap off Find My iPhone. Enter the password to turn the feature off. Finally, the encrypt iPhone backup settings must be turned off as well. You need to go to your computer and plug in your child’s device.

Open iTunes and go to the iPhone summary screen then uncheck the encrypt iPhone backup box. You will be prompted to enter the encryption password that was created. When this setting is first turned on, the password is necessary to turn this setting off.

Now you are ready to begin step 1 on your device. Open the teen safe app and log in. Step 2, tap add my child and tap enable notifications and tap OK. Step 3, confirm that you have your child device. Access to a computer and an iPhone USB cable, then tap I’m ready to add my child. Step 4, enter your child’s information.

Step 5, have your child’s device in hand, then tap I have my child’s device on your device. Unlock your child’s device on your device and tap I can unlock my child’s device. Step 6, enter your child’s phone number and tap send install text. You will be directed to the pair device page which displays a security pin number. At this time, a text message will be automatically sent to your child’s device.

Step 7, go to your child’s device and open the text sent by teen safe. Click the link in the text and enter the security pin number displayed on your device. Tap confirm security pin. Step 8, you’ll be directed to the pair and install page. Tap pair and install on your device, you will see a new message. Install certificate.

Step 9, on your child’s device. you will be directed to the install profile page to install teen safes MDM certificate. Tap install again on the remote management pop-up and tap trust. Once the profile has been installed, tap Done. Step 10, on your device, you will be asked if you have access to a computer. Tap I am at my computer and complete the checklist. Tap I completed the checklist.

Step 11, you will be directed to the download teen safe configurator page. You must download the configurator onto a Mac or PC computer. You can visit wwe.com to download it. Step 12, select the appropriate operating system and download the teen safe configurator onto your computer.

Step 13, install the teen safe configurator program. Once installed, the teen safe configurator will automatically load. Click I have my child’s device. Step 14, plug in your child’s device as prompted on your computer. Click select. Step 15, make sure you’ve completed the checklist. Click start installing teen safe. Do not unplug your child’s device until prompted backing up.

The device will take time depending on the amount of data already on the phone be patient and again do not unplug the device. Step 16, the teen safe configurator will automatically install teen safe on your child’s device. Your child’s device will restart.

Step 17, your child’s device has teen safe installed on it. There are a few more steps left to go on your computer click Next. Step 18, once the loading bar on your child’s device has completed, you might see a hello screen. If so, click YES on your computer.

Step 19, complete the checklist. Go through the hello setup process on your child’s device. Your child’s device shows this phone is managed by teen safe on the lock screen. Turn Find My iPhone and back on unplug your child’s device from the computer. Click I am done.

Step 20, go back to your device. Tap I have finished installing teen safe on your computer and check off the final item and click I am done. Step 21, once confirmed, you have the option to add another child’s device to finish. Tap start managing.

Step 22, on your device, you’ll be taken through a quick walkthrough of the teen safe app. Once done, tap got it. You are able to take back control of your child’s phone. To learn more about the teen safe app and our other parental control tools, visit teen safecom today.

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