How to Install Turbo Tax Login for Windows Deluxe Premier Home and Business

Description: The following article is mainly about the popular topic which is on turbotax login. The content below will show us the newest TurboTax, we can easily learn different ways and steps on how to install TurboTax 2015 for Windows, Deluxe, Premier, Home and Business.

I’m going to install TurboTax 2015, the newest TurboTax, so this is how we do it, let’s see what happens, so I downloaded this file from Amazon after I bought it, this is what it looks like, I’ll double click that, click run yes, allow it to install, you can see how long this takes, hopefully not too long.

Welcome to TurboTax 2015, next read through the agreement cube, I agree, we’ll leave it that way, we want to update automatically, help us improve it, it seems that it’s moving quickly, almost halfway there.

This is the home and business version that I’m installing, but all of the versions should have the same installer, the same process, let’s launch it and see how it looks like.

The first time opening it, it might be a little slow, it’s automatically tending to update here, so we’ll go ahead and let it update and this lets have pull down any changes maybe Congress passed some last-minute laws or something at the end of the year or whatever changes have been made to the tax laws bug updates or anything since TurboTax was published to the software to the install file.

These are any updates that have happened, since then, TurboTax was released back in, I think it was in November of 2015, since that time, there have probably been a few updates Congress likes to pass last-minute changes at the end of the year sometimes or finalize laws, that weren’t finalized when TurboTax was published.

This will make sure you get all the latest and greatest changes, I’m on a little bit of a slow internet connection here, so it’s going to take a little bit of time to download this, but hopefully not too long, it’s a prompting to make changes, so the downloading parts done, it’s installing the updates now.

This is another prompt to make changes, this is how they roll, another one fourth times a charm apparently, it is good, we got the updates continue and TurboTax 2015 is online and ready to roll, so even though it’s called 20 tat TurboTax 2015, this is for the tax return that you file in 2016, so it’s your tax return for all the stuff, you did in 2015 which is due April 15 2016, hopefully, you like the video.

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