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How Air Force Job Selction Works at Usaf

Description: This passage is designed to tell you how the job selection works in the Air Force, what you need to do when a recruiter push you to have a job.

This passage is about job selection for the air force. The recruiter is pressuring them to select a certain job, and how job selection works is that you either make a list of jobs that you want, as long as it doesn’t pass ten, the first one that opens up, it will be your option, or you can have one specific job.

Then you have to wait, the less job you have, the longer you wait. There is another thing called open general or open mechanical, they pick certain jobs by category. You make a list of jobs before you through boot camp, then you either get the job on your list, or they will offer you a different or random job based on the need of the Air Force.

Normally, the recruiter should not be pressuring you to pick a certain job, but if it does happen, you could go find someone about him and tell them that he is pressuring you to get a job that you are not comfortable with; or you can stay tough.

But the thing is, when you make that list of jobs before you go into the Air Force, you won’t realize how long the waiting list is, I’ve known people in my BMT, even in active-duty Air Force, some of them have waited for a year to two years to get a job. So you can choose whichever path you want.

I was in the debt program for the army, but 3 months before shipping out, I realized I didn’t fit there, so I got out of the program and I went to the Air Force recruiter, and they didn’t push me to get a job, they gave me a list and I could see and choose, they don’t have to push you because they have a line of people waiting to get in, everybody wants to be in the Air Force. I could have told the higher-ups in the army that everything was intimidating and I wanted to get out, but I didn’t, because I know what I want, so I stick with it, that is what you need to do too.

Then I made my list of eight to ten jobs, and I told my recruiter that whatever opened up, let me know, then three months later, he hit me up and told me that they had a job for me, it wasn’t a real job, it was open general, at that time I didn’t know what an open general was, but I took it. So that is my experience and how job selection works.

You have to wait for a period of time for the job you want. And if they are pushing you to do something that you are not comfortable with, use the chain of command. If you have any other question about Air Force, leave it in the comment, please like, share and subscribe.

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