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The Types of Air Force Careers or Jobs at Usaf

Description:In this article, I’m going to introduce you some things about Air Force careers, Air Force jobs options that you have available on the Air Force website.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you some things about Air Force careers, Air Force jobs options that you have available, whether you are enlist or officer, part time or full time, guard active or duty reserve. I’m going to share two websites with you, Air and Air Force Reserve, they offer you very helpful information and jobs which are available to us.

When I first came in, I wanted to be a firefighter, that was my first choice, so I came in open general, which means that for whatever reason, whether it’s openings or qualifications, your recruiter didn’t assign you a guaranteed job. Most people come in that way, but I recommend that you come in that way if you can get a guaranteed job.

After four years, I had to choose whether to retrain or leave the Air Force which wasn’t a long term for me, so I retrained into personnel, where I was able to go home every night and have weekends off. So I have been in personnel for a long time since 2000 and I have done a special duty which means I was out of my career field for three years.

I went to do Equal Opportunity, which deals with lawful discrimination and sexual harassment, then I went back to my career field, support personnel. There are many options that are available to Air Force members when you join the airforce after basic training or your commissioning source.

You will go to technical training, that’s where the Air Force will pay you to learn your job the way they want you to. Technical training which lasts for two months or a year depending on what job you have. There’s medical, civil engineering, maintenance, finance or accounting as well. Air Force offers so many opportunities for jobs.

This is the Air Force website and if you look right over here, this is a list of some of the jobs. And a good thing here is that the Air Force will send you to school after basic training or you’re commissioning source for your technical training.

When you go to the Air Force website, you have enlisted positions officer, they’ll send you to tech school again to learn your job and here is a listing of some of the enlisted positions with so many options and you’ll get paid as well.

Do the best that you can to get a job that it’s going to not only fit your needs, but that you are qualified for, interested in and get additional training as well. I wish you the best with your Air Force career.

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