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USC Teacher Triggers Active Shooter Scare On Campus

Description: This passage is mainly about usc active shooter. The writer tells us that an unnamed USC teacher has an episode where she becomes triggered and tells students that there is an active shooter on the University of Southern California campus today.

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My name is Matt Jarboe, this is the Monday Matt Channel, and you know after the events in Vegas last night, that takes 58 American lives and wounded 500 plus more, the last thing that we want within 24 hours is another active shooter situation, and that’s precisely what has happened at USC today.

It is all fake because that seems that at this particular point in time, fifty eight people are gunned down from a coward from four hundred yards away from the 32nd floor of them of the Mandalay Bay, let’s call it an active shooter situation on a college campus, because that’s not crying wolf.

Here is an unfounded shooting scare that leaves USC students and staff shaken, Monday is triggered by a faculty member who I’m going to assume probably is triggered by police at some point time in their life, who is accused of falsely telling her students, it’s a woman.

There is an active shooter in one of the buildings on campus, the university reported that the university has issued an alert urging students and staff to shelter in a place or avoid areas of the area of 610 Child’s way on the University Park campus, University has said that shots are reported but not confirmed any.

Here’s the thing when I am swatted the person called in, and at first he says that there’s a person who’s got his kids tied to a chair with bombs around their necks, he’s going to kill him, the cop start and immobilize, and then he calls back and he says that there are shots fired now when you report shots fired that changes the dynamic.

So I mean that it changes the dynamic, they are coming anyway, but now they’re coming a lot harder and a lot faster and that’s ridiculous, their aerial images show that officers are swarming the building and students are evacuating and gathering on street corners, because when there’s an active shooter situation, it’s the best thing that you can do if you don’t know what’s going on.

Let’s go on the street corner, now you get your ass inside, you hide in a trunk of a car ,you do whatever you can to make sure that you’re not visible, this is California which is completely full of looky-loos, so I don’t necessarily fault them for what they’ve done there, because it’s not always.

All the officers are searching for tithi Hall at the Marshall School of Business about 12:15 p.m, 45 minutes later after authorities conduct an initial search of the buildings, the LAPD reports that there has been no shooting and there is no danger to the community.

When you hear those words, that is an absolute sigh of relief, because it’s fearful that stuff is crazy, you talk to people that hear about that they are in these situations and they’re so happy to see the cops, they are so happy to see people that are there to protect them, so at this point you’re screwing with an entire campus of people.

In some respect I can understand it, it’s similar to a joke, it’s not wasted on me, but I’m also not a heartless prick, so it goes out to the teacher, so according to the USC Department of Public Safety, Chief John Thomas says that the school takes action after receiving reports that a faculty member during class falsely tells her students that there is an active shooter in the building.

The faculty member has been detained by the LAPD, and I hope that they put her on a catapult and they launch her ass into the Sun, why would you tell your class that there’s an active shooter on campus? It teaches him a lesson, are you trying to reenact the night before? Is this a drama improve class? And you’re triggered by the local news or in the recent news in Vegas.

So the university withholds the name of the faculty member who is detained, I don’t agree with that, I don’t agree with that at all, because at that point in time, the person who makes that call, who makes that claim, their right to privacy is gone, the right to privacy is gone.

We have argued earlier about the woman CBS executive who is fired for making the dumb comment on Donna on Facebook and whatnot about the event not giving sympathy to the supporters, because they might be Trump supporters, I defend her only because it’s her opinion and she’s making it, and it’s a bad opinion.

On the other hand it is a different situation, when I talk about unfettered free speech, I always say without causing harm or calling for harm or violence, this is using speech to call for some forms of violence or some forms of fear, it doesn’t fall under the same Constitution that is entirely wrong, because at that point you’re not only putting people who are yelling fire in a crowded theater, people have been trampled to death as a result of this stuff.

It’s one of the reasons why it’s a faux pas to do, people will react, and if you go in there, there’s an active shooter on campus in less than 24 hours, there is the most deadliest shooting in American history, it’s going to have that hyper fear reaction, never mind the fact, never mind the police coming on the cost of the police.

So what happens when a city like this goes on, you have your initial team that shows up, they do their best to secure the perimeter, your SWAT team comes on, they try to figure it all out, you take resources from the police, you take resources away from being on the streets, you put people’s lives in danger, because if cops are out there looking for an active shooter, and they come across some random and that random is holding.

I don’t know a freaking gun phone holster or a phone holder that looks like a gun in a holster which you see, and they think it’s a gun and shoot the person before realizing what it is because of the heightened sense of the situation, you’re putting people’s lives at risk, because you’re stupid, and that is why her name should not be withheld.

Her name should be out there, her picture should be out there, people should know that this is what a moron looks like, the incident comes after a gunman killed and that’s what we know now, and then the USC is holding your name, I have some theories as to why I want to say that, the USC is holding her name, I’m going to say it probably because she is a minority teacher, they don’t want to draw attention, they don’t want negative attention to come to this person for what they have done.

They don’t want negative attention to to befall her on a public scale, because she has done this thing, it doesn’t say that it’s a joke, it doesn’t say that it is a prank, it isn’t similar to the shot cops show up and it’s a prank.

Maybe I would have more respect for her, I think if that is the case, I would have, she’s a very stupid, but it seems that it’s some malicious act and I don’t know if she’s been arrested for it, I’m sure that her name’s on out there, she becomes public record, put it out there, I’m not worrying about this macum Zappa litical issue.

I’d be fine with it becoming a political issue, because at this point you’re a dumbass, you’re putting people’s lives at risk for whatever purpose, whether it is to prove a point whether it’s to do whatever, it’s a ridiculous crap, because I’ve been the victim of this thing having people called on me for being what can be considered as an active shooter.

Personally I hope you lose your job, I hope you get arrested, I hope you get locked up, because wasting cops’ time is a finable offense, it’s a misdemeanor and no one is hurt in the process, but I hope you pay everything for this, because you put other kids’ lives in danger, because you’re trying to prove a point, you’re trying to do a social experiment.

So I hate about prank channels on YouTube, all they do is to keep upping the game up in the game, and then eventually it’s going to end with somebody getting hurt, and I’m pissed off at this one, this lady can stay there.

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