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How to Do The Verizon Activation Bypass

Description: The article is related to verizon activation. The writer primarily shows you how to bypass the Verizon activation. The author gives you specific steps to help you hook your phone to your computer and root it to do anything that you want.

I’m here to show you how to bypass the Verizon activation. I’ve seen a couple of contents. Some were about the droid figure. When you touch the four corners, it will end up with not working. So I went online, I found how to do this.

This is my phone, I know how to do it. Go to the menu, I’m going to show you. Open factory reset. I found this SD reset. It’s a little bright, it will erase everything. That’s going to start. You know all this part, it’s boring. I was so frustrated when I saw the stuff on YouTube.

I went online and looked through it by Google. There were so many things, and this ended up with working out. Don’t you love going through this whole process? I am doing this with one hand. I have my other phones, they are main Chinese.

I have this phone because I tried to mess around with it. I tried to route it. I have another phone, I’m using it to record. Let me sit down if it’ll hurry up. This is the LG enlighten for the record. So this is where you come up with.

You can see it, there is no Android. You press next, now it doesn’t show. You press the volume up, volume up down, move back and search. I’ll do that up and down, that is how to lock your phone. I can do anything that I want with it. If I hook it up to my computer, I can root it, I can do whatever I want with it. I can use it.

I hope that this content helped you. I won’t check the comments too much. If you have anything to tell me about the phone, go ahead and send me a message.

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