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How to Switch Phones and Do The Activation on Verizon

Description: The article is related to verizon activation. The writer primarily shows you how to switch over from your old phone to the new phone on Verizon. You can buy any phone and switch it over with this method.

I’m activating this device, but it should work on any Verizon even if you don’t have a sim card. You can get a new phone, you can switch it over from your old phone to the new phone. So I’m going to do it from my droid to number two.

Sign in to your Verizon Wireless, and it doesn’t add to your contract when you move your phone. Go to your device, you can see, there’s activate or switch device there. So I’m going to go find my number that has the droid, that’s the droid bike.

It’s not eligible for upgrades, that’s why I bought it for full price. Then you activate or switch device there and hit that button. Which device would you like to change? You select the device which you want to change.

You have to choose the new create to write, then next, then it is OK. That shows my new phone that I bought and my numbers. So I’m going to enter that, I need to enter these last four digits of my social security. So let me stop this. So this should give you an option if you don’t leave, if you didn’t buy a new phone.

I’m going to activate it now. If you have a device, it will show you how to do it. But you can do it online. I’ve got it activated. It says, insert the SIM card. So I’m going to turn it off. It says, active powered off. I powered it on, this should activate it since it was activated on Verizon. So you don’t have to call on the wait for those customer service from Verizon.

You can switch phones on Sprint or on Bryce and use their web server. Sprint is similar to you center which is unique to your phone. Then it takes longer time, but it’s the same thing, switching Sims. This thing is going to be done. It’s going to activate itself.

I’m waiting, I’ll be back. So I got 4G signal. It says, 4G LTE. It’s activating. I’m going to give it a couple of seconds till this thing starts to activate. Please wait until your phone is activated and restarted. So I’ll be back and give it five minutes. I’ll be back if it restarts.

After about 10 minutes, I restarted it. It says, congratulations, your phone is active. So I’m going to restart it. I have an activated Verizon phone. So this is how you can activate a phone that you bought off Craigslist. So that’s how it works.

I’m sure that most of you know how to do this, but some people don’t know. They don’t know that they can switch out fountains without a SIM card whenever you want. It only take us longer time than switching SIM cards. There’s no extra charge on this.

You did an upgrade with a two-year contract with Verizon, but you can buy any phone and switch it over. It’s not a problem. Make sure that sometimes they charge you extra if you switch a new line within a 30-day period. So after 30 days, you’re fine.

I know, a lot of you want to make a decision between the Galaxy Nexus and this one. This is thinner than Galaxy Nexus. Galaxy Nexus is thicker than galaxy S2 and the way tracer. I think, Droid Razr is a great design except that you can’t replace the battery. That’s the only bad thing. I’ll have to see how the battery life is on this skip. I don’t use backup assistant. I use a titanium backup Verizon location services standalone. So I don’t want any of these.

Let’s go to home page. That’s how you activate it. I’ll make a phone call. There’s a context, let me call rise & Accessories if it works. My phone will be activated if I don’t get an error message. That’s how you activate your Verizon phone or move on your phone to another one.

You can spy a phone and then to switch over, you’ll have to read off the IMEI which is on your box or on the back of the phone, inside the back cover. Thank you, please subscribe. I’ll have a full review of this phone. See you later.

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