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IPhone 7 Plus Verizon Activate with Cricket Wireless SIM Card

Description: The article is related to verizon wireless activate. The writer primarily shows you his brand new iPhone 7 plus and all sorts of functions and accessories of it. He puts his Cricket SIM card in his phone to show you how to get great Verizon wireless service.

Today is September 22nd, 2016. I have my brand new iPhone 7 plus. It’s a goal model. It’s a Verizon variant, it’s a hundred twenty eight tikka bike. I got it from Apple Store. I’m on a cricket. So let’s find out how SIM card from cricket is going to fit into what I’m working on.

I am going to unwrap my new phone. I do not need a knife. It is designed by Apple in California. What’s in it? I have an installation and some construction. I get a piece of sticker. I get all these things. I’m going to set them aside. It looks like a 6s plus, but the difference is the camera. It’s so hard to get a plus one since the launch day.

I’m happy today, I score one from Apple Store. It’s a horizon one. It’s a 1661 model, it has the qualcomm modem that can be used on all four carriers in the US. So this year the T-mobile and AT&T, they had the Intel modem, you cannot use on the horizon and Sprint network. But this one is a compatible carrier.

You have an inbox. It has no head headphone jack. The lightning connector is OK. You also have the lining connector for charging which will cause the normal power. What is in the box? Put it aside. I’m going to peel these off. This is exciting.

Look at the Apple logo. I get a rising Singh there, is it a Verizon model? I get a rubber Co there for the water protection. So I will rise on. You’re going to leave out. Let me see this thing, what I’m going to need is a break. Let’s power up. It puts crickets there. Let me unlock it. If I can not unlock, I’ll be bummer.

It is searching alone, there is no service. LTE is coming up. The phones are not from one factory. So it’s a Verizon phone with a Verizon SIM card inside. I take it out and put my SIM card in. So the phone is unlocked. I can see that I got a cricket signal and software updating.

We’ll be back. This is back to cricket LTE. It’s updating now. It take a while. Make sure that a phone works on this Verizon variant 7 plus. Let’s make a phone call. Let’s go. It is a quick service. Welcome to Cricket Wireless, let’s start. Open email DOS.

So the phone call works. Everything works. Let us check the text message. Go back and send a text message. It works. I got all the text updates from cricket. So did you change the phone to a new one? So everything works. Text works, call works on the Internet.

Let’s try Google. This is on wicked LT which is not Wi-Fi. Let’s buy the iPhone 7 reservation. We try the bookmark, it is OK, it is tidy. It works well. This is on the cricket data. Let me go back on Wi-Fi. There is a version IOS 10.1. This is to update.

Let’s go on YouTube, this is the rest. This one is OK. This is my old phone 6s plus. I’m going to share with that one. Let’s go here. How do you find the perfect gift for your friend’s gift? So everything works. My phone’s to update. All the apps take a while.

The cricket now is coming up, and this is a Verizon 7 plus. So it’s from the box. The second cricket SIM card pops in, take your eyes on the SIM card, it works, everything is perfect. You got a 30 LTE band for AT&T.

You want to sell this one, you can show this to people who use on horizon. There is no problem at all because it’s a CDMA and GSM compatible phone. So make sure that you pick the right phone model. I’ll rise with my phone. Thanks for reading. If you have a comment, let me know.

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