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Verizon IPhone 6s 6 6 plus 7 on Cricket Wireless Cellular. Does It Work ? Verizon Activate

Description: This article is related to verizon wireless activate. The writer primarily shows you that a Verizon iPhone 6 works on the new Cricket Wireless for the situation that the Verizon iPhone 6 is not unlocked.

This is Doug from DMV digital realm. Today I want to show an iPhone 6 model, Verizon CDMA model working on the Cricket network. This is not unlocked, this is a Verizon model. After doing a research, I found out that the rise in phones seemed unlocked after reading Verizon’s statement about their phones.

There’s nothing that needs to be done about unlocking. You don’t need to call them or get an MSL code like some of the other carriers in some cases. I decide to take a chance, one of the reasons is that I want to get the Verizon model. I know, it’s going to work with Verizon CDMA, but I am confident about that it is going to work with GSM and an international phone.

Newer iPhones seem to be built in more carriers support with less factory locking as the models coming along. I think, 5s starts to get that way. I read that Verizon is required to make the 5s models unlocked because of special frequency, they are used under the 4G LTE. I think, I got that right.

Let’s have a try. I hoe that it is going to work out. I never found any proof. I saw some comments saying that it’ll work. That is not real for the Verizon model. This is an iPhone 6 working with Cricket. We’ll give this a second. It’s starting to show Cricket. Let me see if I can dial their customer support.

So we have the iPhone 6 working with Cricket. I can tell you that I purchased this as a Verizon model. I did not buy an unlock model. I have no problem with it, Cricket is 18 T GSM at this point. I hope that it gives you an idea.

I chase a series of prepaid carriers. I try to look for the best deal. So far, it has worked well for me. This is what works for me. I also tested this out, I did a text during a call. I sent content over a text and pictures. I’ve done a set of tests with Cricket on the iPhone 6. I haven’t found any issue. If you have a specific question, leave me a comment, I’ll check into it. If you find this content useful, please give it a thumb-up and subscribe. Thanks a lot.

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