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An Unexpected Conversation about VRad Portal. Com

Description: VRad is a radiology group which offers an automated normalization tool which can help you see inside your data and give you patient care in the future.

VRad is the world’s largest radiology group with over 450 radiologists on site and in the cloud, we read over 19,000 studies a day and read for over 3,000 hospitals and radiology groups.

As a radiology group we feel your pain and we’re doing something about it, in our future where an automated normalization tool can help you see inside your data for a single and consistent retrospective view across your facilities to improve utilization decrease costs and impact quality.

Imagine a future with metrics and insight into patient care impact beyond what your wrists or EMR provide, your ed positions are over utilizing advanced imaging compared to others. With our new radiology patient care or RPC indices the first peer benchmarking metrics from the world’s largest radiology clinical database.

Future is available today from VRad, call at 800 737 0610.

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