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How Do vRad Work with The Radiology Technology at Portal. Com

Description: This is a brief introduction on the telemedicine company and VRad, how do they work with the radiology technology to provide a better experience to their clients.

This is the nation’s leading telemedicine company and radiology practice with more than 400 physicians all US board-certified and eligible and we are headquartered in Minnesota.

Our physicians work virtually all over the country to provide round-the-clock imaging services to over 2,100 hospital health system and radiology group facilities, we fill in coverage gaps 24/7, our clients depend on us to provide on-demand consistent high-quality imaging solutions, so you can manage and grow your practice or imaging service line efficiently.

VRad is also now part of mednax, a multi-billion dollar publicly-traded healthcare company that was founded built and still managed by its physician founder, our clients all have the confidence that we will continue to invest in our practice for their practice excellence, like VRad’s multi-million dollar investment and patented innovation to help us get the right study to the right radiologist in the shortest amount of time.

In fact with veer ads patented workflows, we can get eyes on patient images in as little as four minutes, when minutes count for stroke and trauma center patients. Being fast doesn’t compromise being good, VRad standard-setting quality assurance program consistently delivers high accuracy rates and happy clients.

95% of the clients told us that our radiology services provide great value to their organization referring physicians and patients and 93% said that would recommend us to a friend or colleague. They like that our US based operations and Technical Support Center has real people relieving their staff of non clinical tasks, they also like VRads transparency, we provide a full suite of monthly and on-demand analytic solutions and benchmarking metrics from VRad’s clinical database.

VRad analytics is command central for our clients and lets them see inside their data to make informed decisions about optimizing staffing imaging utilization and clinical quality.

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