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Introduction to Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Description: This passage is mainly about vtech touch and learn activity desk. In this passage, the writer shows us The Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk which is geared for young learners and is packed full of fun.

Welcome back, I’m Kelsey and I’m with toy note comm, make sure that you hit subscribe because you’re not going to want to miss my review on the BTech touch and learn activity bath, so I’m excited to play with this activity desk, it’s rated for kids to an older and I love education toy for that age group, because they’re little sponges, and if you can do it in a way, that’s fun and keeps their attention, big thumbs up with that.

Here are hundreds of Cabul Airy words 20 plus long five activity pages, and it has endless amounts of fun in the cute little desk with the stool included, so I’m very excited to get it on box to see how it works and play with it, so let’s go ahead and get it out of this giant box and see what are all in there.

So it’s become very apparent, but this is a some adult assembly required toy, the actual main part of the best is here, this is going to be the touch pad and it is the one activity page, we have got the alphabet there, then you can see all the numbers and the interaction points here, it seems that it takes a few batteries.

So I’m going to have to put those in and put all these pieces together, now under this pile of durable plastic, legs and parts are the activity pages and instruction manual on this plastic, so I’m seeing numbers counting one to ten, and then using pictures such as three penguins, ten airplanes and so on.

So I’m going to go ahead and put this together, so it makes sense for us to play, and then I’ll be back for closer look and final review, so with our closer look with the touch and learn activity desk, I want to show you a couple of great features.

First of all, you’re seeing the little chair here, once it is all set up, this thing is so cute and it’s very short for tiny people, so here’s our little desk, this is the built-in activity page and then you have additional activity pages here, and then it is underneath the on and off button in the left hand corner.

There’s a activity bulb and music mode, the music mode doesn’t do much except that you can interact with this and the numbers on the screen, and I’ll show you that in a minute, you will have to put some batteries in it to get started, so we’re going to go ahead and turn it on.

Now you’re going to hit the on and off button here, there Rachel plays activity mode music jammers touch and let’s learn about music, now you can turn it up over here, this is the music activity page, now it recognizes activity pages by that little black tab at the top, you can see that there the Mets live in Munich jammers touch if I pull that out.

Then I turn it over, that’s the other activity page, it’s human body touch and learn touch on deck NP CK neck, it’s time for me to get dressed, can you help with shoes? We wear shoes on our feet, we wear a watch on our wrists, so we can easily see the time t-shirt, a t-shirt covers the upper part of our body.

This is call a friend mode, let’s call some friends to see how they’re doing today, press the numbers that you hear, press zero zero, this is a rusty cage, I think it’s raining outside, remember to get your umbrella and rain boots if you go outside, let’s call another friend Presley, see you later.

So I want to show you in some of the modes, there isn’t too much to comment on, it walks you through everything itself, the music mode doesn’t have a whole lot, you interact with the buttons and it plays music, but you don’t have the touch pad feature here, so I don’t find it that useful, so let’s go to find the review.

I have a couple of comments on this about how much I love it, so my final comments on the BTech touch and learn activity desk is that I love it, it’s made for kids to an older, but my one-year-old kid likes playing with it, I’m not sure that it has the same value for him, because obviously ABCs in 1 2 3 throw aways offer, but he still has a lot of attention with it and likes having his own mold back.

There are always poking hazard pieces, obviously it’s marketed for young age group, it easily goes together and I love that, you can buy more activity pages to keep it interesting and keep it educational, so even if you’re little smartypants breezes through all five of those sheets, you can go online and order more activity pages to keep this fun and interactive.

I won’t hesitate to buy it, in fact move forward to it, have more value for my son, and how that shapes up his learning in those critical years, so that’s it for me at Toyota’s common with the touch and learn activity desk from VTech.

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