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What 14 Days of Waist Trainer Walmart Did to Me

Description: The article below is about waist trainer Walmart. We will be indicated by the progress pictures that was taken by the author himself during his training with the waist training on within fourteen days, the author is going to show us his feelings after wearing it for a long time.

Welcome back to my channel, the first two weeks of waist training, I am going to show you how I felt day by day with the progress pictures, unfortunately, I did not take pictures every two days, I thought I should have taken the pictures, but that’s because we’re going to get into that in the video.

Before you continue watching, make sure you like comment, Nessa gang and subscribe, if you’re a new viewer, it was popping, join the game, you hit that subscribe button, I’m going to stop talking, because I’ll be talking in the video about what I was.

So we don’t get into the video now, this is the first day that I had put the waist trainer, it was freaking tight, I thought I got the wrong size, now I’m showing you that when I put it on, it gives me roles at the top, but that’s normal, because when it’s pushing the fat either up or down, mine happened to be up.

My note is very itchy, when I take it off, I forgot to take before pictures, before I put it on, I didn’t think I was going to record, but this is what I’m taking it off and now I’m showing you what I would like to be and where I’m at, so this is the second day, they are the pictures to form that.

I do not like my back in the way, my body is shaped, so this is why I’m was training, this is the second day, before I put on the waist trainer, after I have done it, I noticed that the waist trainer was slowly warming to my body.

It was a little easier to put on, it wasn’t stiff, it made put make up a lot easier, because sometimes I like sitting on the floor, don’t ask me why, but it was great, overall I was excited to wear this, I was looking at reviews and pictures which made me want to wear it even more time.

So they are the pictures for the third day, before I have put the waist trainer on my back, it looks a little bit better although my stomach still has that Pudge area, keep in mind I was not working out during this whole process, because I wanted to see if there will be a difference.

But this is the outcome, so for the fourth day and a couple of other days, I decided not to take any pictures or videos for whatever reason, but I still made sure to document my waist size, how many hours I had it on and whatever I may or may not have felt those days.

Even though I did not waste train on day 9, I still took pictures, so that was the two weeks, I want to say that I am disappointed at this very moment like discouraged, I’m going to do another video, it’s going to be two to four week waste training review.

But I was so discouraged that it didn’t give me the results that I thought, I was going to get that, I don’t want to wear it, because some of the days I felt like I was going to die, I’m not even going to lie to you.

I felt like it was squeezing the insides, that wasn’t supposed to be squeezed together, this is how it looks, it’s all like form to my body or whatever, when I first got it, this fits the small one, you’re going to need a medium or whatever.

But I squeezed into it and I made it work the first set, it’s regular, I could function, it helps me with back support and stuff like that, if I’m doing my makeup on the floor or something and I don’t got any support, then if I put this on, I’ll be straight, but you wouldn’t think that this is a big difference.

I put it on and I can barely breathe it, it’s for a picture and video purposes only, but I’m not going to lie to you, when I put this on, I am feeling like that diagnosed and died, then I’d be having a little shape this 2318, that is six, that’s what I’d be feeling like, I got this waist trainer.

I’m going to have to look it up, if I’m mad and discouraged, because I’m the same measurements of anything, if I measured myself the first time and then the last day, I measure myself if those are correct, then what is going on?

If anything it made me bigger, but I think I start eating a lot, I mean I wasn’t even exercising, so that might be the issue, maybe you do have to exercise, but we’ll see that we’re going to wait for that month.

I’m going to give it some more time, I’m going to give it probably about two months, I think I’ll do a month update and then I’ll do a skip jump to a two month update, if you all want to do that, if you all think this is boring, we don’t care about it.

Then I won’t tell you all, but if you all do cute and I will do that, but I let my little sister dress, put it on, because I want to try it and she said she wanted to do a review for you all, so imma have her do a little review, you should never buy this.

It’s not a good thing to buy, but when you put it on, it’s going to make you explode, because she almost died, put this on, you’ll die in a couple of minutes, hours and never eat in it, that’s going to be worse, so if you’re going to die, don’t you think I’ll be dead?

I can barely fit in this, I’m so fat and she looked at me, how can you fit? You’re not like that one, she’s fatter than me, one inch, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and I’ll see you next time.

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