Navigating The Walden MyFinAid Portal Com

Description: The following article will lead us to the Walden finaid portal, the content is shown about the overview of logging in onto the system and several tabs to operate in it.

Welcome to the Walden finaid portal, whether you’re new here or I visited many times before, I thought I’d take you on a tour and give you an overview of what you’ll find when you log in.

If this is your first time logging in and you don’t have a wall to new edu email account, you’ll need to click the first time user link in the login box. If you are a continuing Walden student, you can access your personalized my finaid portal through my Walden, click on the student services tab, and then on the view your financial aid link.

Once you log in, use the drop-down to select the award year, you wish to view, keep in mind there won’t be any information available in your my finaid portal until five business days after you’ve completed the fafsa.

So for new students, the Porter will be empty. And for continuing students, you’ll only see your previous year’s information, please wait five days. And you can log in and start exploring.

Let’s look around, depending on whether or not your financial aid has been awarded, you’ll see one of two screens. If your aid hasn’t been awarded, you’ll only see five tabs. If it has been awarded, you’ll see 10 tabs.

Let’s start by reviewing the five tabs that you’ll see. As you enter the portal, the default start page is your welcome tab, whenever you log in. This is where you’ll start, here’s where you’ll find an overview of the financial aid process, so you can always come back here to check your next steps.

The next tab is the documents tab, this is an important one and you’ll come back here, because whether you’ve been awarded or not, you may have documents completed.

If you’re looking for information about your current financial aid status, you’ll check the messages tab, you’ll find two types of messages, be directed to do something such as completing a form or making a phone call.

The other type is informational and it will tell you a status of an action, some of these messages may not apply to your current process. The documents and messages tabs are both very important to check regularly as new details may appear at any time.

Now we come to the loan history tab, on this tab, you’ll see the outstanding and pending amounts for your federal stafford loans. According to the National Student Loan data system, these amounts are important to know because they count toward your lifetime aggregate, loan limit.

There are limits to how much federal loan money you can borrow in your lifetime, so this tab will help you calculate how much money is still available to you. To find out the full history of your federal loans, you can visit the National Student Loan data system website.

Let’s talk about the additional five tabs that are going to show up. Once your financial aid has been awarded, you’ll be notified about your award via your walden or personal email four to five weeks before your term starts.

So the first tab you’ll see is the awards by term tab, this tab will tell you the type and amount of your financial aid award and how the aid is distributed across the three terms that make up the award year.

Next is the accept awards tab, if you’re ready to make a decision about your awards, you’ll agree to the awarding terms and conditions. These terms and conditions simply explain how the awarding process works and helps you set your expectations and plan accordingly. Now you can decide whether to accept reduce or decline the award all together, you do not have to accept all of the aid.

But I recommend reviewing your loan history before accepting any of it, after you finish making your decision, you should return to the documents tab.

Once you’ve completed the necessary documents, you are now ready to move forward with your loans and can visit the applying online tab, go here to review and agree to some additional important policies, you will find in Walden’s official financial aid terms and conditions document.

The final two tabs you will see are the loans and disbursements tabs, the loans tab is only important if you are taking out loans, check your loan status, you’ll need to review this page carefully. The disbursements tab shows the scheduled and actual disbursement dates for your financial aid.

What is disbursement? A disbursement is something when the federal government sends your financial aid money to Walden over next two weeks, Walden will take your financial aid and apply it to your outstanding bill, which may or may not result in an overage.

After tuition and fees are paid and an overage has been created, you’ll receive a refund of any financial aid money’s no later than 14 days after the disbursement date.

If you have any trouble or need assistance with financial aid, you can call us at one eight hundred Walden you or email us at finaid at Walden you. edu. Thank you for joining me, I wish you the best as you start the financial aid process and begin another term at Walden University.

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