Walden University Exposed Part 1 at Portal. Com

Description: The following article is mainly focusing on something a student mentions about Walden University Exposed portal and some other things related to the students’ refund.

I’m trying to find out the status of my refund, I withdrew from my PhD residency.I think it was on the 8th or the 7th of this month and I just call to find out the status and whether it was starting on October 24th through the 28th.

We’ll think about what accommodation from the date that they fix this issue, it looks like they were joined that day, it made sense this mission for the right department some destination, being this up pretty quickly for you.

My residency changed so basically what happens is that we have the back dated, so you get Joey, you find you clean the a fish processing it. You put it in the area where you would get a refund for it, but what they do now is to be back dated to the date that year.

I already told them that I want to do withdraw, so they wanted to make sure. It says I see that original email and they were asking basically because you’re in charge, they wanted to make sure that you wanted to do that, and make sure that happened for you, which I was already planned.

But we’re doing it digitally, it sounds like a trick to me to get Walden to get more money than to fake students out so that they lose out their refunds to me, that’s what it felt like.

But they told me when I talked to the advisor and when they called me, I just want to make sure when I’m trying to figure out when I will get my refund. At this point, I can’t say the exact date though 14 calendar days from when they fix this issue for you.

So it should be done out with hoping in a couple of days, I’m for everything, you go through. But if you want more accurate information, that will be six, he’ll probably have you talked to academic advising. Is there the head of that process for you at this point?

What happened was that I withdrew from my residency and they called me and told me that I could withdraw my own advisor, advised me on it and told me about the 5% that I would lose.

And there was a certain amount of time, so I got on in and I emailed them and then they turned around and sent me an email back. And then decides they don’t want to because they only get 5% docked.

I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, but this is their scam, they came up with something in some meeting that helps them get their money back so that they come out in the end, docking the students and playing trick games on us.

I wouldn’t have gotten my refund. But now they will prorate it back to the real date that I send, it was one of the seventh, it’s just a bunch of hassle, what happens at Walden is nothing, but a trick.

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