What Is It Like to Learn Online with Walden at Portal. Com?

Description: The article below is primarily the introduction given by a student focusing on the ways of learning online with Walden, recommending the student portal and some other services and support you can get from the system.

I’m a student here at Walden, this is my student portal- my Walden. I can see my email and announcements or I can check out student services and support, basically anything I need is easy to access. Every student takes what’s called a student readiness orientation, it gives you a great feeling for how Walden works, even before you start your first course.

Let me show you what the classroom looks like, when I click on my course,my syllabus and my learning objectives, which are really helpful. As I navigate through my coursework, I can also check out a week by week breakdown on my learning resources, assignments, discussions, quizzes and more, which I can finish anytime that week.

If I have any trouble, I can always reach out to my instructor by email or set up a time to talk by phone. Now when I finish an assignment, I go ahead and submit it from there, my instructor can review my work and post my grade back to me. But the best part of my class is getting to interact with the other students in the discussions. I hope you’ll join me sometime soon at Walden. Thanks.

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