Is Walmart Com Gift Card Offer Scam or Real ?

Description: The article primarily concentrates on the key point which is on Walmart com giftcards. The author will mention the gift card that will be shown and given to the customers and then he would like to talk about whether it is real or not.

$1,000 Walmart gift card, it’s an offer you’ll see in the valley now in two different forms tonight, ABC 15 investigator Joe Ducey discovered one offer is legitimate and the other could cost you much more than a thousand bucks, you’ve won a free $1,000 Walmart gift card under ma RT to a certain number.

It’s a text seen around the valley in five minutes, 10 people told me about it on my ABC 15 Facebook page Christie says it’s driving me insane Angela gets so many, it’s extremely irritating, but it could be much worse.

If you answer, Walmart calls it a scam saying people are asked to enter private information credit card or social security numbers on a website that could lead to theft or fraud Walmart gift Mobe is the most common scam site.

According to Walmart, we found it, but couldn’t open, it doesn’t matter, another will take its place soon, so don’t answer any texts from a number, you don’t recognize now, some good news Walmart does offer a chance for a legitimate thousand dollar gift card, you have to fill out an online customer service survey.

You must enter a number from your Walmart receipt, but there’s no personal information required total ABC slash consumer alerts for more on all of this and check out all the latest scams there, tell me about them, email me or go to my ABC 15 Facebook page, I’m investigator Joe Ducey ABC 15 News.

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