1000mph Walmart Fidget Spinner and IPhone Hits Car

Description: The following short article continues to concentrate on the hot topic which has the key point on Walmart fidget spinner. The author is intended to show us the ways he plays with the fidget spinner especially the ones in the i phone.

I saw they survived, we got miles here, their instagrams are in the description, follow them, but we’re going to be doing thousand mile per hour speed spinner versus iPhone, so we got the old iPhone here, it’s not clickbait, it doesn’t even have the tiny one.

Hopefully, it works out, we got some stops in a row, Babita construction workers Plaza building, even it cracked the back, did you shine doing the back? I get the screen, so it went wrong, because it bounced up and hit the windshield, the windshield shattered.

I give it a 9/10 quality, get that out of here, Dave, I’m doing mine, you are people, get high school footpath, I had to say such things that like jockey keyboard off, all that stuff, this one is one way faster, it’s vibrating so hard, you can’t even tell, it’s eyeful, I say we did a good job.

It looks fuller stuff, so let’s not wrap up this video, so I’ve got the film, I’ll show up, this is one day after that and I forgot to film my outro, but I think you don’t watch this video, if you enjoyed, make sure you smash alike and it’s new to my channel.

Go down there and smash that subscribe button, help me keep growing, this port is nice lately, so thank you for shouting to miles and Tyler instagrams in the description, make sure you don’t hit them up with the fall.

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