120g and 105g and 75g Brass Walmart Fidget Hand Spinner Spin Test Break Down Comparison and Review

Description: This passage is mainly about walmart fidget spinner. In this passage, the writer does a comparison, a breakdown as well as a spin time test to see which one stands alone.

I have got three brass spinners here, these are very heavy, and what I’m going to do is a comparison, a breakdown as well as a spin time test to see which one stands alone, so let’s get the distance, so here we have three spinners, these are all brass, and the first thing that I want to do is a weight test.

So let’s go ahead and move this over and let’s get a scale here, make sure that this is on grams and we’re going to go to the lightest one here, first it’s one here and this one is about 75 grams, the second heaviest is this one here, and you can notice that they all have six arms, all the arms come off as well.

So I’m going to put this on here and this one’s about 100, we go for around 105, so they are 75 and 105, and this one’s about 120 or 119, we’ll round it up to 120, so I’ll put the lightest to the middle and the heaviest here, so we get 75, 105 and 120 now let me go ahead and take this apart, and then we’ll do a spin test.

But off the bat which one you think is going to spin the longest, which is going to be first second and third, so let’s go ahead and take all of these parts, before I do that, let me show you a size comparison here, so let me go ahead and put these up here, let me show you everyone, full of these side-by-side here look directly up here as well here, and let me pick this down and you can see my quarters here.

You can see the size between all these, so I can put this quarter there, put this quarter there, put this gorgeous here, so take a little closer look here, let me take a little small spin here, here’s a spin here, so let me go ahead and start breaking all of these down, so let me take this board off here.

The first thing here is that we’ll go ahead and take off the arms here, so let me give you a closer look on here, now you can see that this is the middle one, now this one is definitely a lot bigger, now let me go ahead and we’re going over here, you can see here and let me show you each individual arm here.

I’m going to put them side by side, let me put these in my hand, here you can see the size difference here, why don’t we go ahead and weigh each of these arms here? So let’s see this the lightest one, let’s see that this one is about 8 grams or 10 grams, and you can see that this one is 8, let’s weigh this middle part here.

Now we can obviously see that this one here is the biggest, but we’ll see that the weight is 28 grams 45, 28:45 and 29, so it is 28 45 and then 29, I want to give you a side-by-side comparison of the actual arms here, so let’s go ahead and look under the hood of each of these, now this one here has a stainless steel or 188 bearing, pull that one off.

This one has one of these screw washers here and I can pull the bearing out of there, you can take a look at this on both sides here, and let me put this and put that there, then let me go ahead and take this one apart, and let me take this one, this one has the inner screw as well, there you go to check this out.

Now let’s put the actual bearing here, so look at this one here, look at the balls on this one here, you can see that it’s so tiny, you can barely see it, you get bigger balls in here and it’s all steel too, there are 188 stainless steel, you can take a closer look here and this is about the same size bearing, they’re both about the same size.

So this one here is massively huge, we can also take a look at some of the components, here you can see the casing here, it is bigger than this one, look at the screw size on that one and this washer screw, it’s very small, it has small balls and a washer screw which is small, this one’s a little bit bigger.

We put these together, you can see clearly, so what’s going to put this back together and let’s do a spin test, and the big one is going to spin the longest, I’m going to get all three of these in either spin, it’s a minute and 33 seconds, for this one it’s 5minutes and 47 seconds, that is unbelievable.

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